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the Quraan ois recited in arabic because it was revealed in arabic

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Q: Why is the quran recited in Arabic?
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Why does learning Arabic help with memorizing the Quran?

The Quran is recited in Arabic. There are translations available, but the most accurate way to memorize and understand the Quran is to learn Arabic.

Should Muslims know Arabic?

It is best that they do, since the Quran is recited in Arabic and no translation is perfect, but it is not an obligation to learn Arabic.

In Islam what do the prayers sound like?

They include chapters of the Quran recited in Arabic. Three of the five daily prayers are recited out loud.

Do Muslims always recite the Koran in Arabic?

The Quran should only be recited in Arabic and a person will gain no religious blessing reciting or reading the Quran in English. The English translation is only meant to help people who cant read Arabic. And Arabic is the original language in which the quran is written in.

Why is the Quran recited melodiously?

Quran is recited in the way it is recited during prophet Muhammad life.The Quran structure, as perfect God words at no single letter change, has distinguished melodious rhythm that could not be overlooked.Muslims, when listening to Quran, feel peace, modesty, and full submission to Allah (God) and His Guides.

Can a Muslim prayer be recited in English?

No. It is only valid if it is recited in Arabic.

How is the quran used?

helping people

Can the holy Quran be recited in English?

It is not appropriate to recite Holy Qur'an in English due to some pronunciation difference among English writings Arabic word and actual Arabic pronounced words. You can recite it, however, with a teacher who instruct you with proper pronunciation.

What langage is the Quran?


How are the Quran and sunnah and hadiths intertwined with Arabic?

The Quran was revealed in Arabic to the Prophet (peace be upon him) who was also an Arab. The sayings and teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) which explain the Quran and taught the how to live their life by the Quran are called hadith and are also in arabic.

Does the quran have to be read in Arabic?

i think it has to be read in Arabic because it is written in Arabic.

Where does attahyat is in Quran?

If you mean by 'attahyat' what is recited by the Muslim in the prayers then this is not mentioned in the holy Quran but it was taught by the prophet Muhammad PBUH in His Sunnah.