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Cells monitor their DNA and correct errors they find

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How does slow change over time occur genetically?

Through mutations in DNA, and natural selection of advantageous mutations.

Why evolution is a slow process?

Evolution is incredibly slow because: - Changes can only occur in each successive generation - Helpful mutations occur only rarely - Situations where different adaptations are necessary are rare

The hypothesis that the evolution of different species occur at a slow constant rate is called?


What does rate of reaction mean in science?

This is a characteristic of a chemical reaction: how fast or slow a reaction occur.

Will rusting occur in boiled water?

Rusting will occur in boiled water but at a very slow rate. This is mainly due to the fact that water which is boiled is said to be de-ionized.

What are three main ways that variations in a genotype arise in a population?

Variations occur due to mutations. There are three factors of mutations which impact the formation of new genotypes. 1) Point Mutations - Very small impact mutation which still might enhance the protection against environment and reproduction. 2) Mutations that alter Gene number and sequence - has major role in evolution as it might help to add new functions. 3) Mutation Rates - In animals and plants mostly very slow, however, prokaryotes due to high rate are able to mutate very fast.

What do you do to slow down your pulse rate?

You do some exercises to slow down your pulse rate

Does a slow loris have a tail?

Some do. Like, genetic mutations er something.

True or false All chemical reaction occur at the same rate?

False, Since all chemical reactions do not occur at the same, There are very slow reactions as well as very fast reactions.However the rate these both reactions is practically not measurable. There are reactions which are with measurable rates, for which we calculate the "Rate of the reaction".

Why some plant do not grow fast?

some plants do not grow fast because growth of plants is dependent on the rate of photosynthesis and respiration and these processes occur at relatively slow rate in these plants so....

Why is the rate of onset of the medication in intramuscular administration slow?

There is little blood flow to the fatty tissue where the solution is injected. The absorption rate will hence be slow and this will lead to a slow rate of onset.

What is the medical term pertaining to a slow heart rate?

The term used for a slow heart rate is bradycardia.

Do koalas have a slow metabolism?

Yes. A slow metabolism is one of the koala's adaptations Koalas have a slow metabolic rate which is required for them to digest the eucalyptus leaves on which they feed. Eucalyptus leaves are very fibrous and rather low in nutrition, so the fact that the koala has a slow metabolic rate means it can keep the food within its digestive system for as long as possible in order to maximise the energy that can be extracted from the leaves. This slow metabolic rate also means the koalas sleep for more time each day in order to conserve energy.

What drugs might cause a slow heart rate would Tramadol or Pregabalin cause a slow heart rate?

There are many drugs which may cause a slow heart rate. Tramadol only causes a slow heart rate if it has been taken excessively, while pregabalin is known to cause only increased heart rate.

Do depressants slow down your heart rate?

You shouldn't be doing drugs and yes, they do slow down your heart rate.

What medical term means abnormally slow heart rate?

Bradycardia means a slow heart rate. It can be normal or not depending on the conditions.

What effect would a sudden decrease in light intensity have on the rate of photosynthesis of a particular plant?

A sudden decrease in light intensity would eventually slow down the rate of photosynthesis. This process require light to occur.

Is the red panda slow?

Slow on ground, but rather fast when climbing trees and such.

What is baracardia?

A slow heart rate.

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to slow heart rate?

Bradycardic means pertaining to bradycardia, an abnormally slow heart rate.

Do beta blockers increase heart rate?

No, they slow heart rate.

What natural disasters occur in Mali?

if it is slow

How can you slow your pulse rate?

One way is to take slow, deep breaths.

How do you spell slow?

That is the correct spelling of the word "slow" (at a low speed or rate).

How does slow tempo music effect a persons heart rate?

Slow tempo will decrease your heart rate because it might put you to sleep and that would rest your heart rate.