Why is the rock cycle a cycle?


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a rock cycle is a cycle because it keeps going in a pattern of wich the rocks go in a cycle

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it has no rock cycle...

the endpoint of a rock cycle is the metamorphic rock

The rock cycle is considered a cycle because the materials are continuously recycled. Each rock or sediment will become a new rock.

No, the rock cycle does not have to start from the sedimentary rock

this is the life cycle of a rock.........

The rock cycle is slower than the water cycle.

The rock cycle and water cycle both are natural.

No, it is just called the Rock Cycle. Nothing else.

A rock cycle is a model that shows the cycle of rocks from the formation to the breakdown and to the reformation. He used a rock cycle for his science project.

poem, poem a rock cycle poem. 3 rocks in the rock cycle . it starts off as magma and it hardens into igneous rock.

the rock cycle starts with magma

The rock cycle is a description of how rocks form

there is no beginning or end of the rock cycle

The Rock Cycle contributes to the formation of rocks : ~ )

It does not end a rock is always moving through the rock cycle

No Rock Comes First... its a cycle

a rock cycle is types of rocks they tell you about too describ it a little information.that is what a rock cycle is.

the rock cycle has no beginnig or end

There are seven steps in the rock cycle.

is soil part of rock cycle

In the rock cycle, rocks are classified by their stage in the rock cycle as igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary; this is also their rock type and method of formation.

yes. mars does have a rock cycle, volcanoes have been found on mars. which concludes the fact that mars does have a rock cycle.

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