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One reason scarab beetles were important to ancient Egyptians was because they were believed to symbolized the god Khepri who pushed the Sun ball through the sky like the beetles roll balls of dung.


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the scarab beetle is so significant because it was used in Egyptian translation

I'm not so sure, so I hope someone edits this, but I think the most famous one is called a SCARAB. A dung beetle, but properly called a scarab.

I have absolutely positively no idea, so for now just google it and check back later to see if someone improved this answer.

You do know that beetles are found on tree trunks right? Good. A scarab beetle looks like a regular yellow beetle. It costs a lot of bells for a bug if you sell it. It depends on the weather of the day and the season. If it's raining then your chances are low. If it's hot then your chances are a teensy bit high. Scarab beetles are found in the morning in the summer. So it is found from these times of the day, 12:00 A.M.-12:P.M.

The word for a dung beetle or scarab is written in hieroglyphs as xprr. The vowel sounds were not written, so we can never know how this word was said; the x sound is a very throaty k or kh.Scarabs are a species of dung beetle that lays its eggs in a little ball of animal dung which it rolls into a sheltered spot. The eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the dung, eventually emerging as adult beetles. Those fantasy scarab beetles in The Mummy films are pure Hollywood fiction.

without it there would be no Egypt

the reason the Sahara desert is so important to Egypt is because it was proection from invaders

it was important to get the water to crops

scribes were important on Egypt to record tings that were happenng in the town like birth deth and so on.

The pharaohs were so important in Egypt cuz they counted towards the gods of ancient Egypt so they respected the pharohs and gave them everything cuz they were afraid that the gods would punish them if they don't.

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No, there is no really way, execpt if your in a scarab with a scorpion tank, and where ever you aim the scarab aims or moves that way. So it is sort of a way.

Cleopatra was so important because she was the only female pharaoh of Egypt, the pharaoh were the most important in the country anyway but because she was female she was about a million times more important.

It was important because it was part of their culture.

Three... So in that case... Beetle juice Beetle juice Beetle juice

it was so important so you can get new things and not stick with old things

i think its because there is so much artifacts and information about Egypt!

It represents both the north and south of as unified egypt

the Aswan Dam is important to the people in Egypt because it give's them rich soil so the people can

Egypt is important because they were the first people to invent the 365 day calender and they also invented the first type of paper

Cleopatra was important to Egypt because she was the queen, the supreme ruler. She was the leading figurehead of the country both politically and religiously.

if i were to answer this question in a smart answer i would have to say that the after life of a pharaoh was so important to Egypt because the Egyption people really carerd for there pharaoh so they wanted them to have a great after life =)

He was important because he united Lower and Upper Egypt.

The beetle would, from time to time, shed their outer carapaces when they got too small and grow a newer, bigger one. The Egyptian saw in this behavior a rebirth, they thought the bug was immortal, constantly being reborn. They wanted immortality too so they really got into studying the beetle and incorporated it into their religion.

Scribes wrote & kept record of all things that happened in Egypt.

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