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Why is the sea so important?

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In a nutshell, the sea is important for human development. It is a place where trade takes place and is the home for hundreds of different species of wildlife. The oceans also play a major role in the planet's climate.

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What is important about the Mediterranean?

Mediterranean Sea is also important because its colour is so blue as compare to other sea.

Why is the Mediterranean sea so important?

Because of trade.

Why is coral sea is so important?

because of the coral

Why is shanghai important?

Shanghai is important because it is situated literally on top of sea so it is really reliable for the citizens to get water and food from the sea.

Why is Death Valley so important?

Because of the sea level.

Why was the war at sea important to the Revolutionary War?

The war at sea was so important because you could block off enemy suplies from getting to the armies.

Are phytoplankton important to life in the sea?

Yes, very much so.

Why was trade so important to ancient Greeks?

they had a connection to the Aegean sea

Why dead sea is important?

No dead sea is not important

Why were ships so important for the British Empire?

ships were important as if the enemy is by the sea they can attack with the element of surprise.

Why is ice so important to sea levels?

Land ice is very important to sea levels, because when it melts, all the water that was on land moves into the oceans. Sea ice melting will not raise sea levels, because it is already in the water.

Why was posiden important to Greeks?

He was the god of the sea. The Greeks used the sea a lot to travel so they relied on Poseidon to make the travels safe for the Greeks. Also he was important because the sea provided protection for Greece.

Why are constellations so important?

They can help sailors find their way around the sea

Why was the battle of Trafalgar so important to the English?

Allowed them to retain control of the sea.

Why was the sea so important to the Greeks?

That was where their food came from and the main way they traveled.

Why is the freezing point of water important for animals that live in the sea?

So they do not freeze.

Why is water and the sea so important to japan?

Because it's an island country

Why were islands so important in 1898?

They were convinced that Sea Power was the key to democracy.

Why was Gibraltar so important to the British?

Gibraltar guards the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea so was militarily essential for the British Empire to ensure security for their middle east assets.

Why is the coral reef in the Philippines so important?

it is really important because it has the most endangered species of fish and sea creatures there

Why is sea level important?

Sea level gives a reference point. Sea level is 0 so from there we can determine the height of land and whether that land is prone to flooding.

What is so important about the Sargasso sea?

It is a home to many fish and other aquatic animals.

Why was Black Sea so important to Russia?

They increased trade and travel, improving the economy.

What sea is was most important to the Greeks?

the Greeks lived on the Mediterranean sea... so I would say that one. They knew of the Black sea and the Caspian sea; and the ancient Greeks believed the Atlantic ocean to be a world encompassing sea.

Why would the Mediterranean sea be important to the Romans?

the romans called the sea the mare nostrum and it was where alt of the roman monster were so they feared it greatly

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