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If the "skin" layer on your Basketball is peeling, it may be time to get a new basketball. This usually means the ball is worn out and damaged.

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Q: Why is the skin on your balls peeling?
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Could skin on my balls be peeling from trauma or hard use?

Have you heard of chafing? Dry, irritated skin (from either trauma or 'hard use') can peel.

Difference between paring and peeling?

The difference is that peeling is removing a skin that you can remove with your hands - such as an orange - and paring is removing a skin with an instrument such as peeling a potato with a peeler.

How do you treat skin peeling?

keep your skin clean and washed and moisturized is the best way to reduce peeling.

Is peeling skin of bad?


What is wrong when your balls are peeling?

maybe you need moisturiser

How do you stop peeling?

To stop peeling, put apple cider vinegar on your skin. You can also just use a very potent moisturizer on your skin.

Would olive oil cure peeling skin?

Olive oil will not cure peeling skin. Try Coconut oil. It is all natural and heals most skin problems.

How do you peel a snake's skin?

they clean their skin by peeling it off

Is skin peeling bad for you?

nah as long as its not to much skin

Peeling skin in pubic hair area?

peeling skin in the pubic hair area is probly not good. i would sugjest you go see a doctor.

What is the skin of an apple called?


What is peeling skin on feet?

Peeling skin of the feet can be an indicator of several issues. The most common cause is athletes feet, followed by over-exposure to the sun.

How do you hide your peeling skin?

You can't really hide peeling skin. You can try to cover it up with clothes, but it is better to brush it off and get down to the bottom layer.

Can skin peeling cause stretch mark?


What causes skin shedding?

Some causes of skin shedding or peeling are a fungal infection of the skin, an allergic reaction, skin disorders, and some forms of cancer. A fungal infection like ringworm can cause shedding of the skin. Some skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema also can cause skin peeling.

Can peeling the dead skin on a fresh tattoo ruin the tattoo?

Yes, in fact it can! Peeling off the skin is peeling off the freshly inserted colour. Scabbing and peeling has to happen on it's own, and you need to procrastinate it as much as possible. Lotioning helps to shove the colour that is bleeding out back into your skin. Lotion religiously, do NOT scratch, and do not peel it off. If you want your tat to be as colourful and gorgeous as possible at least.

How multivitamin solve skin peeling?

Ask a doctor

What is medical term for peeling of skin with sandpaper?


If Skin is peeling and etchy on penis with no pain what could it be?

clean it bro

Why my Breast is itching and the skin peeling?

Because they are growing.

What does it mean when the skin on your face is dry and peeling?


Get rid of peeling skin on face?

peele it off

What does it mean when a hedgehogs foot is peeling?

dry skin

Why is the skin around your piercing peeling?

You are over cleaning your piercing and drying it out

Why does my black lab dog have peeling skin?

Our pets are very much like us in a lot of ways, including their health. Your black lab's skin may be peeling because he has an allergy or skin condition that needs to be treated by a veterinarian.