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Why is the sun round?


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Because they formed and collapsed under the force of their own gravity.


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the sun is round but not a perfect sphere.its surface is bumpy.

If we look on a cloudy day when when we can see the sun with our bare eyes we can notice its round surface. That is how we can know that the sun is round.

no it does not spin round

Which planet moves clockwise round the sun

The Earth and all the planets revolve around the Sun.

yes because when the sun it not a round the aiir is cold and when the sun is a round the air is warm

1. round the Sun. 2. following the Sun round the Galaxy.

The moon rotates round the Earth.

because that the sun is at one and the moon the other the would turns round so that we can have sun and moon

The earth goes round the sun every 365.256366 days.

The planets that are closer to the sun can come in slightly different shapes but the planets far away from the sun are round.

The sun is standing still, it is the earth that rotates round the sun.

Planets travel round the Sun, but all orbit in different speed and length.For example;Earth: Orbit round the Sun=364 1/4 daysNeptune: Orbit round the Sun= 164 years 288 daysSaturn: Orbit round the Sun= 29 years 167 days

No ,but it does rotate on it's own axis.

No. The sun is a circle not square. It is round, what you can call spherical.

no, the earth orbits around the sun

light because the sun is warm and round

The sun does not move around the earth.

because sun is a star n planets revolve around the star not the other way round

This would depend on the planet, earth takes a year to go round the sun but that is because we named the time it takes for us to go round the sun a "year". The closer to the sun a planet is the less time it takes to circle it.

The Earth moves round the Sun in a path called an orbit. All the planets go round the Sun in their own orbits, that way they do not collide. For the Earth, one whole circle round the Sun takes exactly one year.

It takes Mars 687 Earth days to go round the sun once.

The moon does orbit the sun. The moon orbits round the earth, while both earth and the moon orbits round the sun.

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