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The tape is used to block a "record override switch" so the cassette can be recorded on (over) again. Remove the tape and it will prevent you from recording over what ever is on the tape inside now.

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Q: Why is the tape on the corner of VHS tapes?
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Can you record a VHS-c tape in a VHS adapter in a VHS camcorder?

Yes, using a VHS-C adapter will allow you to record and play VHS-C tapes in a VHS machine. The adapter simply changes the casing format. The actual tape is the same. I'm not sure why you would want to, though. VHS tapes are cheaper and the tapes are longer.

How do you lock new VHS TAPES?

You can lock new VHS tapes by removing the tab located at the side of the tape. This is a plastic tab that will be pressed into the tape and then broken off and removed.

How do you erase VHS tapes?

you can erase a vhs tape if you are using a video camera that has a vhs player you just tape right over it To securely wipe clean a VHS video tape and improve its performance for re-use then use a degausser or tape eraser. See related links for a supplier of hand held erasers and other degaussers for erasing vhs tapes in bulk.

Can you play copyrighted vhs tapes on vhs camcorders?

If the tape will fit into a camcorder, there is no reason why a copyright tape won't play. Many VHS camcorders use small cassette bodies and a standard commercial VHS tape simply won't fit.

Can you play a vhs tape on an lcd tv?

I got an Olevia 237T and VHS tapes as well as standard cable looks great on it.

What is VHS tapes?

Video Home System, better known as VHS, is a video tape recording standard developed during the 1970s.

How do you copy your VHS tapes to DVD?

The easiest way to copy VHS tapes to DVD is to purchase a VHS/DVD combo. It will allow you to pop in a tape and burn it to DVD without having to download software or hook up to computer.

How long will VHS tapes last before the video degrades?

Depending on conditions a VHS tape is supposed to have a shelf life of 15 - 20 years

Can you have 999 VHS tapes?

Yes you can gerammaticly have a whole collection of vhs tapes

Are Japanese vhs tapes pirated?

No Japanese VHS tapes are real not pirated

How do you transfer VHS tapes onto DVDs?

Most new VHS/DVD combo boxes (a system with both in the same system) can record VHS tapes onto DVD-R's. Just pop in a DVD-R and the VHS tape you want to record and press record and you're all set!

What sort of tape does the Sony GVD200 VHS Digital8 VCR useIs it VHS or something else?

The Sony VCR uses typical VHS tapes, just like the ones you rent or buy.

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