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Q: Why is the temperature range fairly uniform in the tropics?
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What is the temperature range in the tropics?

Temperature ranges in a tropical ocean vary from around 77 degrees to 95 degrees. Temperature fluctuations happen during different seasons and storms.

Describe one region of the world that exhibits a small annual temperature range?

Tropics - especially over tropical oceans because they experience almost uninterrupted insolation.

Why are surface tempertures on mars low?

Mainly because it is so much further from the Sun than the Earth is. The temperature from about 20°C down to about -150°C, a range of 170°. But then there is a fairly big range on Earth as well. Our highest temperature is 57°C and lowest, -89°C - a range of 146°.

Is a gas or electric range better?

Both have advantages. Gas is typically a faster and more uniform heat, while electric provides a more easily controlled temperature.

How do you find a temperature range?

The highest temperature minus the lowest temperature is the temperature range. The temperature range is how many degrees is in between the highest and lowest temperatures.

What is the temperature like in Tierrasanta which is a community in San Diego?

The temperature in Tierrasanta for today is fairly mild reaching only 67.3 degrees Fahrenheit. However, for the Summer season the temperatures can range from the lower to upper 70s.

What is the temperature range for Neptune?

the temperature range is -223 C to -220 C

Explain meaning of annual range of temperature?

explain the temperature annual range

Is the uniform probability distribution's standard deviation proportional to the distribution's range?


What is the temperature range for Escanaba?

The temperature range for Escanaba is between 75 degrees and 23 degrees

What are the tempertures in deserts?

Hot deserts are mostly located near the Tropics of Capricorn or Cancer. The mean temperature is about 22 °C (72 °F), with a daily range of 40 °C (104 °F) to 7 °C (45 °F) or even lower.

What is the suns temperature range range?

Inner of the sun Temperature is 14000°c and outer is 6000°c