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Why is the water boiling over in the radiator?


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2008-02-05 05:29:05
2008-02-05 05:29:05

It could be a number of things. Timing, bad thermostat, bad fan or just low on antifreeze.


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The water is boiling in radiator because it's temperature(radiator's) reaches the boiling point of water when the engine works for a long time.

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In the radiator over flow bottle.

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The boiling point of the mixture is higher than the boiling point of pure water; this slows down the evaporation of the coolant.

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The boiling point of water is 212 degrees, most vehicles now days operate ftom 205 to 215. A 50% mix of distilled water and antifreeze will extend the the boiling point to 265 degrees at sea level. If you go up in elevation the boiling point will decrease, so make sure you have a known good or new radiator cap to prevent premature water boiling in higher elevations

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