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The weighing scales is not the symbol for justice.

The weighing scales is the symbol for the process by which the Blind-folded Angel of Justice reaches an impartial decision.

Because no issue is clear-cut nor black and white, all the known factors and considerations and circumstances of the issue have to be weighed against each other in order to reach a comprehensive and an encompassing consideration of all the facts, variables and influences, in order to reach the fairest judgment that is humanly possible.

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Q: Why is the weighing scale the symbol for justice?
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What is the justice symbol called?

The Symbol for justice in the US is concurrently a simple scale and a 'blindfolded' woman holding a balanced scale. She is blindfolded to show equality. The balanced scale shows that the evidence is evenly weighed in the decision of the court.

What symbolizes justice?

A symbolic symbol for justice could be a baton, eagle, the blind woman with the scale.

What is a symbol for attorney?

Balance scale of justice, answer provided by BizCards4u on

Why is the sign of justice a scale?

The symbol of justice is a blindfolded woman holding a scale. Justice is blindfolded to show that she is not prejudiced. She holds a scale so that she can weigh the facts presented by one side against the facts provided by the other side.

What do you call the scale held by Lady Justice?

Lady Justice is holding the Scales of Justice. See link below for an assortment of depictions of Lady Justice and the Scales of Justice.The scale is technically called a balance beam scale and it is an ancient symbol for equality and fairness under the law: founding principles for the modern system of justice.

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