Why is there a need to familiarize yourselves with morphology of fishes?

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The sentence you just used; as well as: "You really need to familiarize yourself about the horrors of SMART @$$es like me."

the coral reefs need fishes to survive. the fishes help the coral reefs survive and the fishes get a home

fishes uses the oxygen resolved in water.

All fishes need to live underwater because they cannot breathe without it. More details about why fishes live underwater remains unanswered.

Just so you can prove yourselves worthy.

Thats what i need to know :(

you need to be more specific

they will swim around at the surface of the water

the fishes need filtering every week or 2 weeks

Are you serious? you need to get yourselves a pregnancy test

I think fish do sleep because they need some rest

Fishes needs to be in water in order to eat

fishes must be at room tempature

yes but you need a licence to have one

Yes. They have not developed lungs so they need water-just like fishes.

You mist familiarize yourself with the maps scale and symbols and be able to interpret contour lines!!(:

so people can be healthy and avoid sickness and most of all flies

If this black ink is comming from the fishes vent (anus) you need to do some more water changes and also improve the fishes diet.

fishes take in water and remove oxygen from it.....thats how they breathe....

Just as you need lungs to take in Oxegen and breath out Carbon Dioxide so fish need gills

All you need to do is stop killing them.They're like us. Love them like you love yourselves

nothing find yourselves in your boring and dumb textbooks. even i need the answer quick

There are thousands of them. If you wish to buy them you need to specify a location

No. they aren't scales. if they were, we would need to take them off.

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