Why is there cheerleading?

Well, depends on the type of cheerleading it is. If it is competition cheerleading (Allstar) then you JUST go to competitions. Then sideline cheerleading is when cheerleaders cheer on the sidelines at a sports event. even though we do not always need cheerleaders, cheerleading is fun.


I am a competitive cheerleader. Its very hard core and costs alot of money. I actually just went to Nationals in Illinois (wish it was in Florida or something) and my team MJFL Stallions placed 1st! Ok to answer the first comment the first person made, i do agree that the sports don't always need the cheerleaders but if no one in the crowd is say "LETS GO" "or "WAY TO GO!" or somthing like that, it kind of is disappointing to the football or basketball players if no one screams anything if they get points or win the game!