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Q: Why is there different attitudes to life?
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Your attitudes influence?

People have attitudes from different aspects of life and for other reasons, such as: · Their opinion on an object · To protect there self esteem · To adjust to the world

What are the different attitudes?

These attitudes include: creativity... objectivity... determination... open mindness...

What are the different types of scientific attitude?

wHAt are the different scientific attitudes

What is the relationship between attitudes and behavior?

There is a relationship between attitudes and behavior. This is because attitudes effect how people react to different situations and how they deal with them.

What are the different types of attitudes?

the different ............. are objectivity, intellectual honesty and so on

What is the different between social background and ethnicity?

Social background is about influence our attitudes, behavior, life chances. Where Ethnicity is about history, language, religion, and culture.

What are the attitudes of a gay person?

Keep in mind just because someone is gay doesnt mean they are completely different that heterosexuals as far as attitudes. There are to many different attitudes to put a label on any gay or straight person. In other words, what would be your answer if I asked, " what are the attitudes of a heterosexual?" Kind of hard to answer huh. Fact is there are just to many attitudes out there.

Different scientific attitudes and explain each?


Why do people have different attitudes with different co-workers?

They have different attitudes because maybe they don't like them or because they are new and they need to be kind of mean so the new person can learn what they are supposed to

What are two different attitudes towards money?

very happy

What are the different attitudes scientific?

These attitudes include: creativity... objectivity... determination... open mindness...

What kinds of attitudes about life are represented in the text?

What is the process of analysis includes