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The moon is on the back of all 1970s Eisenhower dollars. It was in recognition of the moon landing.

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Q: Why is there moon on back of 1972 dollar coin?
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What is a dollar coin with the landing of the moon on the back worth it's a 1972?

The coin is a Eisenhower dollar and none of them released for circulation have silver. For 1971 & 1972 only, all S mint marked coins are 40% silver. Also if the coin is a high grade uncirculated example it may be worth up to $5.00.

What is the value of a 1972 Roosevelt liberty dollar?

??? Roosevelt is on the dime, not the dollar. If you have a large coin (about 38 mm in diameter) with a picture of an eagle landing on the moon on its back side, you have an EISENHOWER dollar. Assuming it's from circulation, it's made of copper-nickel, not silver, and is only worth face value.

How is the moon like a dollar?

They both have 4 quarters. (The moon's phases)

What does a 1978 dollar look like?

Take a dollar out of your wallet. It looks pretty much like that. If you mean the dollar coin, it was considerably larger than any modern US coin; the front had a profile of Eisenhower and the back was an eagle landing on the Moon.

What is the value of a 1972 Eisenhower Dollar Coin worth the eagle has a large circle over his head with some undistinguisable markings in the circle?

That circle can be viewed almost any night -- it is the moon above us. In circulated condition, that coin has no added value.

What coin has a moon on it?

40th Anniversary Apollo 11 Moon Landing Silver Eagle Dollar CoinTLA was here

What does the dollar bill and the moon have in common?


1969 first man on the moon silver dollar?

Yes, I have the Republic of the Marshall Islands "First Men on the Moon" $5 Commemorative Coin

What does a 1976 Eisenhower bicentenial coin looks like?

The front looks the same as any other Eisenhower dollar, but with 1776-1976 for the date. Then on the back, it shows the Liberty Bell and the moon.

What is on the back of us silver dollar?

the liberty bell in front of the moon

What is on back of the silver dollar with Susan B Anthony?

The reverse of the SBA dollar is more-or-less a smaller-scale version of the image on the back of the Eisenhower dollar: an eagle landing on the Moon.

When did NASA last send astronauts to the moon?

Apollo 17 was the last manned moon mission. It was launched December 7, 1972 and splashed down back here on Earth December 19, 1972.