Why is there only 20 episodes in the 7th season of Smallville?


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The season was shortened to 20 episodes due to the writer's strike that occurred during the production of Season 7 of Smallville.

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The average nowadays is Smallville will have 22 episodes however there are some exceptions such as the 1st season only had 21 episodes, the 2nd season had 23 episodes and the 7th season had 20 episodes.

The 7th season of Smallville will usually be released the summer after the season ends,right now we are in the middle of the seventh season. Smallville - The Complete 7th Season will be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on September 9th, 2008.

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There are currently 88 episodes, and a short and last 7th season is planned.

Yes. They are making a 7th season. They already have 3 episodes done.

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No, the series ended on May 23, 2010 after six seasons and 120 episodes.

Jensen Ackles did not appear in any episodes of 7th Heaven.

What exactly are you asking?When does the 7th episode of a specific season air?When does the 7th season air?orWhen does the season thatconsistedof 7 episodes air?If it is indeed the third one, there isn't one. Having said that, does labelthe first seven episodes as there own season because they didn't air during a proper TV season.Although, as far as a majority of online guides go, Season One had 23.

no, there is only 11 seasons

The show went on hiatus on February 24th and returns on April 7th with the last 6 episodes of the season. All US TV shows that have 22 episodes in a season go on hiatus in February/March as part of the 'sweeps'.

There was going to be a seventh season of the show and three episodes were made to start it off, but never aired due to low advertising rates and a seventh season was never made.

It was the last episode aired before the February/March hiatus, but the season returns on April 7th with the last 6 episodes.

There is a 7th season, and it is out on DVD now.

I use to watch 7th heaven episodes online from This site provides amazing video quality without any flicking or other problem. I use to download high resolution television videos from this site.

i was looking on the internet and i found out that there is going to be at least 15+ criminal minds seasons As of 4/18/2011 we are in the 6th season. This September they will be going into their 7th Season. Usually each season has 15-16 episodes.

There are 243 episodes of 7th Heaven in all.

Any good DVD store or supermarket should sell it, eBay and amazon have good priced ones and zavvi is closing down this week so hurry for a good deal.

It's only going into it's 7th season right now and that starts november 3

Yes, there will be. Larry David has already written out the whole season, and I heard Richard Lewis on a talk show the other day, saying that they have already taped 2 of the episodes (October 2008). Very excited !!!!

The set that is called "Season 11" (in name only) was released in Region Two on November 7th 2011 & in Region Four it was released on February 29th 2012.It should be noted of course that the episodes contained on your "Season 11" are theremainingepisodes as the originally aired in Season Nine on FOX.What has aired on FOX as Season 11, won't be on DVD until either 2015 or 2016, unless FOX Home Entertainment steps up their releases.

April 7th'11 because a full season of a television show is 22 episodes and the network needs to stretch those out all the way to May sweeps. We're already at episode 16 so there's only 6 left. Plus the cast probably hasn't finished shooting all the episodes yet either

There was Yes & it was the last season of Futurama.

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