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It's because the environmentalists in the White House want you to support raising taxes to fund some stupid project that is going to go to pots in three weeks, like cash for clunkers.

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Q: Why is ti necessary for people who do not plan to have careers in science to be informed about the environment?
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Why is it necessary for people who do not plan to have careers in science to be informed about the environment?

So they can be more informed about the enviroment, maybe their hobby is taking care of the enviroment, its like asking, why would someone want to know more about computers, but will never actually pursue a career in that field.

What careers involve animals science and the environment?

Basically any job in the Department of the Interior or the EPA, also any job that surveys and helps conserve the environment.

What are some science careers?

Science Teacher.

What careers are non science?

Religious orders are non-science careers. Everything else uses science to some degree, explicitly or implicitly.

Which science careers are the best paid?

One could find information about different science careers through the internet. One could find information about science careers through colleges. One could find information about science careers through other companies such as several different space researchers.

How is science important in non-science careers?

Science is important in non-science careers because when you have a problem in any job, you use science to figure the problem out, so science is in any career you choose basically.

What careers combine science?

Art conservation science, marine science, nuclear science

What are 25 life science careers?

There are a great number of life science careers that are available to choose from. You could be a vet for example.

What are types of careers in science?

computer science engineering

Meaning of environmental science?

environmental science is a branch of science which is necessary for human to protect the environment from getting further damaged.It is such a branch of science that helps in development of pollution free technology.It is one of the branch that relates all the branches of sciences.

Is science necessary for devlopment of environment?

The development of an environment is based on scientific processes but the knowledge or [human] application of science is not required. Environments have developed on all planets, for example, without human interference.

How does the subject of science become a career?

There are a ton of careers from science. Engineering, anthropology, nursing, pilot, anything that can be applied. See the Related Link for a list of careers in science.