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Too much of anything can harm you.


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One example of a good thing is a health snack. A Example of a bad thing to eat for a athlete is greasy food. Another bad thing is chocolate food.

it's tastes good but it's bad for you

There is no such thing as healthy food or bad food. Any time you eat too much of one type of food it becomes unhealthy. It's just that the foods we tend to eat too much of are the ones that taste good, so we label them unhealthy.

It can be bad for you but taste good... It depends on how much you put in your food.

stretching before exercise is very good,although to much of a good thing is bad

A positive thing is good and a negative thing is bad .

Nobody that I can find with a search engine - but Mae West said "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful."

bad thing coz its harmful for teeth and also much harmful for stomach and for organ system

Well, carbon dioxide is both good and bad. Carbon dioxide for humans is bad because to much of it for us can be fatal and lead to suffocation. But, it is good for plants.

Bad; you'll get overconfident and stuck up

Its important to realise that fat is an ESSENTIAL part of the human body, and is a wonderfull food store and source. But like all good things they need to be eaten and produced in moderation. Too much fat is a 'bad' thing, way to much is a a 'very bad' thing.

yes because to much of a good thing is a bad thing

Yes, but having too much can be bad.

I doesn't taste good , or it is good food Its not bad food if it tastes good.

what is the good thing anout polio? and what is the bad thing? what is the good thing anout polio? and what is the bad thing?

If you eat to much, any kind of food can be bad.

They talk about how good foods are or how bad foods are. They are pretty much food critics

the good thing: you can use a lot of stuff with electricity The bad thing: You waste money and the earth will be destroyed if we use too much

salmonella is a type of food poisoning, which can be caught by eating raw chicken. Unless you find that good i'd say it was a bad thing ;)

yes because he helped them with food and water

no there is no such thing as bad food all food is the same but you have to have the right amount or you become unhealthy and you will not have abalanced and healthy diet so there is no such thing as bad food?

Because its not real food. its unnatural. Naturaal food is much better for u.

I consider it as a bad thing.... but some people think it is a good thing

Agriculture is a good thing.

Conservation is a good thing.

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