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Because velocity has a direction but speed does not. A vector has both a numerical value and a direction but a speed has only a numerical value and therefore it can't be represented by a vector.

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Q: Why is velocity a vector but speed is not?
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Which is vector speed or velocity?

"Speed" is a scalar; "velocity" is a vector.

Which is a vector quantity speed or velocity?

velocity is a vector and speed is a scalar.

Is speed a vector Why?

Velocity is a vector. Speed is defined as the scalar component of velocity, so it's not a vector.

What is a size of a velocity vector?

The size of the velocity vector is the speed.

How is velocity different that speed?

Velocity is a vector Speed is a scaler

How is velocity diffrent from speed?

Velocity is a vector, and so it has two components -- magnitude (speed) and direction. Speed is a scalar, and it is the magnitude of velocity, a vector.

Is speed a vector?

No. If you need a vector, you call it a "velocity".

What does the velocity include that the speed does not?

Direction. Velocity is a vector, speed is a scalar.

What is a objects speed and direction?

velocity, or velocity vector.

What is the biggest difference between speed and velocity?

velocity is speed with direction; velocity is a vector and speed is a scalar

What is the Velocity of speed?

Velocity is the vector form of speed. It is the speed of an object in a specified direction.

What vector has a magnitude equal to instantaneous speed?

the velocity vector

Is constant speed constant velocity?

No. Velocity includes a direction vector, which speed does not have.

Velocity includes speed and?

Velocity is defined as speed in a certain direction, or vector.

Why speed is scalar while velocity is vector?

Speed is scalar (that is, without direction) and velocity is a vector (speed plus direction) by definition in physics.

Why is speed a vector quantity?

Speed is not a vector quantity, because it has no direction. When you combine speed with a direction, then you have a vector, called "velocity".

What are facts about speed?

speed is not a vector. Velocity is a vector. speed can also be used for angular velocity (which is a vector). Speed is sort of a catch all word that can cover all poorly defined velocities.

What is velocity and why is it a vector?

Velocity is an indication of a speed, including a direction. It is a vector because that is how a vector is defined (a magnitude, including a direction).

What the significant similaritries and difference between speed and velocity?

Velocity is a vector. It is characterized by its magnitude and direction. The magnitude of the velocity vector is the speed. Speed is only a numerical value, it has no direction. Velocity vector can be broken down into its components while speed, being just a number, has no components.

Why is the absolute value of velocity equal to speed?

Velocity is a vector. The magnitude of the velocity - its absolute value - is its speed.

Is velocity speed?

As used in physics, the two are different. Speed is a scalar, velocity a vector.

Why is velocity a vector quantity and speed not?

Why? Because that's the way speed and velocity are defined.

Is speed the absolute value of velocity?

Yes. Speed is a scalar, while velocity is a vector.

Is velocity scalars or vectors?

Velocity is a vector (speed and direction). Speed alone is a scalar.

How are speed and velocity diffrent?

Speed is a scalar, velocity is a vector. In other words, when the direction of the speed is relevant, it is called a velocity.