Why is war necessary?

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Why war?Opinion A:

Because there is evil in the world and not everyone wants to play nice. Simply asking them to be nice is seriously insufficient. They will laugh in your face as they raise their gun to kill you.

It's necessary when diplomacy fails ultimately, there's no other option, and the cause is demanding enough.

Opinion B:

Why did the Nazi Germany first go to war? The american economic crash of 1929 affected everyone. (won't get into all the details but It affected Germany very much). So Hitler came along (briefly once again) told the german folks that Germany should be in an autarky state. How do you become so? You need ressources, how do we get them? By expanding boundries. Now here is the thing RIGHT HERE Germany took I think 5 or 6 parts of countries they weren't really allowed to simply by pointing it and saying we want it. Now France, Uk and the Us didn't do anything to stop them.

Why is it necessary to do war? Sadly we live in a world where equality of ressources is impossible.

If the French/British had attacked the Nazi before september 1939, at the start of the expansion, the nazi army wouldn't have been able to defend their own territory thus millions would've been saved. Ignoring conflicts and tensions of this world can create even bigger turmoil and gives time to prepare.

Now this was a one case scenario, but it still answers the question asked.

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Q: Why is war necessary?
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