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Weight is measured in Newtons because it is a force. When an object is in a gravitational field, it experiences a force due to gravity, which is what we refer to as weight. Kilograms, on the other hand, are a measure of mass, which is an intrinsic property of an object and measures the amount of matter it contains. While weight and mass are related, they are not the same thing, hence the need for separate units of measurement.

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Because of sir Issac newtons law #2 of force and mass. F(force)=ma(mass times acceleration) F=ma.

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Q: Why is weight measured in Newtons and kilograms?
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What is weight usually measured in?

Weight in a scientific form is measured in Newtons (N). Which is derived from the equation F=ma. Mass in the other hand is in more common use to most people and is usually measured in Kilogrammes (Kg) or Pounds (lbs), or stones and pounds (st & lb).

How much is 300Newtons in mass?

Mass isn't measured in newtons. Force is. 300 newtons is the same as a force of about 67.5 pounds. It's the weight of about 30.6 kilograms of mass on earth.

How do you find force if you have the weight?

Weight is a force. It is described as the gravitational force acting on an object. It is measured in newtons. If you are thinking of the mass (measured in kilograms for instance) then you multiply by the acceleration due to gravity. Weight = g x mass.

Is weight measured in pounds or newtons?

'Weight' is a force, and can be described with any unit of force. 'Newton' is the unit of force in the SI system. 'Kilogram' is a unit of mass, not force. The weight of an amount of mass is always the same as long as it stays on the same planet. But when that same mass leaves the Earth and goes to other places, then its weight changes. Since all of human history so far has taken place on the Earth, a lot of people have gotten used to describing weights in terms the mass that has that weight on Earth. According to that habit, 'one kilogram' is the same as 9.8 newtons of weight, or 2.205 pounds of weight. But it's not a good habit, and now that we're beginning to do things in other places away from the Earth, the folks who are in that habit are going to have trouble. They'll be shocked the first time they're someplace where 1 kilogram doesn't 'weigh 1 kilogram'.

What is the measure of the force of attraction between objects due to gravity called?

The force of gravity between two objects is measured in newtons. This is no different, technically, than what weight "should" be measured in. We use pounds and kilograms, but we should be using newtons, to be scientifically correct.

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What are weight and mass measured in?

Weight in Newtons Mass in kilograms

Is mass and weight mesured in kg?

No. Mass is measured in kilograms. Weight is measured in Newtons.

How many kg does a discovery 3 weigh?

None. A discovery 3 has a mass that can be measured in kilograms, or a weight that can be measured in Newtons, but not a weight that is measured in kilograms: a kilogram is not a unit for measuring weight.

What weighs about 4 kilograms?

Nothing since weight is measured in Newtons. Kilograms are used for measuring mass.

Weight is measured in units called?

Weight is measured in units called newtons , while mass is measured in units called grams and kilograms.

Would you weight a students desk in grams or kilograms?

Neither. Both gram and kilograms are units for measuring mass, not weight. The weight would be measured in Newtons.

What is your weight in kilograms if im 110 pounds?

49.9 kg [Just as an aside: Weight is actually measured in Newtons. So if you really meant weight: 499 Newtons ]

SI measure of force and weight?

Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.

The BEST unit for measuring the weight of a desk would be?

Kilograms * * * * * No you would not! A kilogram is a measure of mass. Weight is measured in Newtons!

How many grams does a 125lb person weigh in kilogrames?

Weight is measured in Newtons, not grams or kilograms. They are measures of mass which is not the same as weight.

Is a mass of a person weighed in mg or kg?

The mass of a person is MEASURED in kilograms. A mass cannot be weighed, and a person's weight is measured in Newtons.

What is a tricycle measured by?

A tricycle has various attributes. Some measures are:height = centimetres mass = kilograms weight = newtons.