Why is wood organic?

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Organic compounds are different from Inorganic compounds in having Carbon.Wood is purely organic,since it has carbon.

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Q: Why is wood organic?
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Related questions

Is there organic wood?

All wood is "organic".

Is wood organic?

Yes because wood comes from trees and trees are organic

Is Wood organic or inorganic?


Is wood inorganic?

No, wood is organic

Is wood is an organic compound?

Yes wood is made form trees and treas are organisms so wood is of organic origin.

Is wood an organic or inorganic material?


Is cellulose wood organic?

Cellulose is organic.

Is cellulose(wood) organic or inorganic?

Cellulose is organic.

Why do steel and wood have different characteristics?

The major difference between steel and wood is that steel is in organic due to its lack of carbon, and wood is organic comprised of organic material. Because of this, their properties will differ wildly.

Is wood a mineral why or why not?

Wood is an organic matter and there for not a mineral. Although some organic life forms can produce minerals.

Is wood a magnetic material?

No... wood is organic - not magnetic.

Is charcoal inorganic or organic compound?

It is from wood and it is an organic compound.

What has the author Cyril Warcup Wood written?

Cyril Warcup Wood has written: 'Organic chemistry' -- subject(s): Chemistry, Organic, Organic Chemistry

How come wood is not a mineral?

Wood is organic. Minerals are inorganic.

Is wood inorganic or organic?

wood is an organic compound for sure, but if you want to know why i would probably put that it contains carbon because all organic compounds have to contain carbon

Classify these items into organic and inorganic substanceswoodpaper?

wood and paper are organic

Can you put wood in compost bins?

Yes, wood can be put in compost bins because it is an organic substance and, like all things organic, it can decompose. The smaller the wood is, the quicker it decomposes.

What are the organic compounds used in a house?

and shoes are organic our medicines, lotions, soaps, detergents are organic, petroleum, natural gas, wood, plastics all are organic.

How do you make an organic pencil?

With wood and lead

Is cellulose wood organic or inorganic?


Is wood an organic substance?

Yes wood is an organic substance as it has the potential to grow or germinate or organisms can feed on it. Compare it with inorganic materials such as rock, soil which do not have organic traits but they can become raw materials for an organism to flourish. Srinivas

Examples of organic?


How do fungi get energy from wood?

Fungi gets its energy from substances by absorbing the nutrients that the organic matter has. It doesn't just have to be wood, it can be any kind of organic matter, but it has to absorb the nutrients that the wood has to be able to live and reproduce. I a little!

What at the main uses of organic compounds?

Organic compounds are essential for life without organic compounds the life can not exists, our food is organic our cloths and shoes are organic our medicines, lotions, soaps, detergents are organic, petroleum, natural gas, wood, plastics all are organic.

Is a maple tree organic or inorganic?

All organic things contain carbon and that would include wood (trees).