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that could be to strong a return spring if you have cable linkage this could be dirty inside cable case or dry and need cleaning and oiling if mechanical linkage all the joints need lubricating

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If a horse will not eat and acts like he is stiff what could be the problem?

He could have laminitis. Call the vet if this is the case. He also could just be depressed if he has been locked in a stall and because of this he is also stiff.

What is the origin of stiff necked?

I believe it comes from a trait seen in oxen. They can be stubborn. When they did not want to be harnessed they made their neck go stiff in a way that prevented the harness from being properly put around their neck.

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What is a firm sore lump on the lower part of the neck on the left side with stiff and sore neck muscles?

I believe it is the thoart

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it means it can not move around muchSome definitions straight from my apple laptop:stiff |stif|adjective1 not easily bent or changed in shape; rigid : a stiff blackcollar | stiff cardboard.• not moving as freely as is usual or desirable; difficult to turn or operate : a stiff drawer | the faucet in the shower is a little stiff.• (of a person or part of the body) unable to move easily and without pain : he was stiff from sitting on the desk | a stiff back.• (of a person or their manner) not relaxed or friendly; constrained : she greeted him with stiff politeness.• viscous; thick : add wheat until the mixture is quite stiff.2 severe or strong : they face stiff fines and a possible jail sentence | a stiff increase in taxes.

Why does all the joints on left side of my body crack and are stiff and ache from head to toe?

i have the same problem and im 24 years old

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stiff legs.

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A stiff dough is one which is rather dry.

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