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The check engine light is flashing due to a problem with the emission system. I flashing check engine light usually indicates a random engine misfire.

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Q: Why is your Nissan largo check engine light flashing?
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What to do about a flashing engine light on Nissan largo?

Go have a mechanic run a diagnostic test on it if your Largo has a computer system on it. If it doesn't, you'll still have to take it to the shop, but it will cost more to take the engine apart and find out what's wrong. A flashing check engine light usually means you are about to destroy the catalytic converter(s) if you continue to drive the vehicle.

Where is the dip stick in a Nissan largo?

in a plastic tube in the engine that leads to the sump.

Where can you get a free pdf workshop manual for a Nissan Largo?

Nissan Largo 1996

What oil do you use in a Nissan largo?

You can use any SAE certified engine oil in your Nissan. The engine oil should be a 10W-30 weight engine oil.

Where is the oil pressure switch located on a Nissan Largo?

The oil pressure switch is located next to the engine.

Do you have a manual for Nissan largo?

No, but a Nissan dealer may have one. Failing that try the Nissan website.

How do you work the rear heating in a Nissan largo?

by turning it on !

Does a 1995 Nissan Largo have a cambelt or chain?


What does a Nissan largo do to a gallon?

Could you please tell me the fuel consumption for the nissan largo, (Japanese import) both the 2.0ltr diesel and the 2.4ltr petrol . Thank you

How do you top up steering fluid on a Nissan largo?

The Nissan largo top up point is just to the left of the gear stick. You will have to remove the central console to do this.

How to reset engine light Nissan largo 1995?

if all faults removed from engine the light should go out by itself but if not disconnect battery and wait 10 mins thenn will be out unless fault still in system

Distance from nyc to key largo?


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