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If your wii starts and then freezes, hold the plus and minus button and press "a" several times. it should say ur in mantinesnse mode and u cant use the wii message board

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If the mouse on the Wii menu isn't working what do you do?

if the mouse on the wii menu isn't working what do you do ?

Will there be minecraft for the Wii and Wii U?

i am not sure but i think they are working on it

What do you do if your Wii is not working?

just buy a new one or trade the wii consloeyou have NOW.

When will star fox Wii come out?

Nintendo has not relised the info of when a starfox game for the wii will be coming but they are working on starfox wii.

Is the new WII yoga good for home fitness?

The WII fit is great for working out at home.

Is a pirated Wii as durable as the real Wii?

No a "pirated" wii is not as durable as a "real" wii. The reason is because a "pirated" wii can get "bricked" or it can stop working all together. If your looking for a hacked wii I would not suggest it. Go with the "real" wii. :)

Will US Wii games work on a Japanese Wii console?

Unfortunately, no. But you can buy a Wii Freeloader from Amazon, although this may stop working due to Nintendo's updates to the wii.

When will Action Replay for the Wii coming out?

There is no Action Replay for the Wii anymore. It has been discontinued because Nintendo blocked it from working on the Wii with a firmware update.

How come your wii is not working?

It's because of the rain.It's not working if the rain touches the wires outside.

Why isn't wfc not working for Wii?

Of course it´s going to connect to WFC on Wii! But the name is changed to "WiiConnect24"

What do you do if none of your Wii games are working on your Wii console?

If none of your wii games are working on your wii console, your games could be scratched. I would recommend getting an alchohol wipe and clean the discs and let the dry for 3 minutes. If that dosent work, then simply your console is broken. Get it checked out by someone.

How do you know when your wii remote runs out of batteries?

You'll know when the batteries die when either your Wii suddenly turns off, or your wii remote stops working.

Will action replay harm Wii system?

There is no Action Replay for the Wii anymore. It has been discontinued because Nintendo blocked it from working on the Wii with a firmware update.

Wii and the internet wont work with out a parent code and your Wii is preowned what can you do to get it working?

Call Nintendo to get the information about the parental code. Or, call the user who sold it to you or that you got the Wii from.

Why is your Nintendo Wii not working?

Check the back of the wii to make sure if anything is unpluged. Or if there isn't check the tv connection.

Why is your everybody votes channel on your Wii not working?

Because your Nintendo wii can't get the signal of your wifi.AnswerBecause your Nintendo wii can't get the signal of your wifi. But the internet channel works.

Is there a modern warfare 2 for wii coming out?

Yes they are currently working on it....

Where is the roblox wii game?

There is no Roblox Wii Game. Roblox only works on Windows and may soon be working on Mac or Linux

How do you make the Wii remote come on?

In the top left corner there is a power button. Turn off your Wii and press the power button on your Wii remote. If that doesn't work make sure you have working batteries in the Wii remote.

When is Ultimate Fighting Championships coming out for wii?

Might come out.maybe nintendo is still working on it for wii cause of all the motion sensing.

What if my wii wont let me play burnt games even though my Wii is modded?

It doesn't work with burnt games or it isn't working .

Why won't the action replay for GameCube work on the Wii?

It depends on the version of the action replay and the firmware version of the Wii. It is said that the newest version of AR will work on the Wii, however future firmware updates for the Wii could stop it from working.

Are Nintendo working on a Pokemon game for Wii?

they already have one. Pokemon revolution

Why won't my Wii fully turn off?

when the wii is on the light is green and when is off normally it would be red but mines is orange the system seems to turn off but is working on the inside i know the game is still working as the charger of the remote is still working like it if was on that sould not work off

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