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Why is your pool water brown after shocking?

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A lot of the time I find people who do a fresh fill from a well and shock without using a scale and metal out. End up having discolored water. It is always a good idea when filling from a well to use a metal out. After letting the water circulate 24 hrs. continuously you should check and adjust your Alkalinity and PH if necessary. After Alklalinuty and PH are adjusted to their proper ranges ALK-80-120ppm PH-7.2-7.6. You should make sure all metals are out of your swimming pool water. Your local pool dealer can help you with testing these levels. After all metals are ride from the water you may then shock your pool. Ideal chlorine readings are between 1-3pm you should try to maintain this level to ensure crystal clear water. Note: during the day time hours it is rare to have a chlorine reading in your pool. The sun burns chlorine levels out of the pool rather quickly. It is always advised to add your chlorine after the sun goes down. To ensure your pool water is sanitized properly. If after doing all of these steps and your pool water still seems to have a brownish/black tint to it. You may have a black algae forming. They make algicide for black algae always follow the directions to a T. Algae usually causes a slippery feeling to the liner. If the liner seems to be colored in spots you can try a chemical called stain treat by United chemical. It works wonderful with spotting on the bottom of liners.

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How do you treat your brown-colored pool water?

Shocking with chlorine followed by filtration.

What does shocking a pool do?

It temporarily puts a maximum amount of chlorine in the water of the pool

Do you balance a salt water pool before shocking it?


Why is your pool water brown looking?

This is an easy - the water is brown because the pool owner is lazy.

Why is my pool water brown?

Who knows! It is your pool not my fault!

Why would the pool water be brown after shocking your pool?

Best course prior to adding chlorine or a shock agent is to filter the pool water overnight then add your chemicals AFTER each refill or top off. It would give you an added boost if after each top off of the pool water - you add a sequestering agent specifically addressed to iron in the fill water. Be sure to follow all the instruction on the product you are adding to the pool.

Pink or purple ring around pool?

A pink or purple ring around the pool could be caused by minerals. You should try shocking your pool water.

Why is the pool water brown?

You have hard water, that will distort the color of your pool real easy. Have someone come and fill your pool with anything other than the water that you have already used. I am experiancing the same problem with brown water. Come to find out that the clorine oxidizes the Iron in Well water turning it brown. There are chemicals that you can get at the pool supply store that will help. Best of luck... Why is my pool LINER brown? The water is clesr but the liner is turning brown in many places.

How long to wait after shocking pool?

After shocking a pool, a person should wait at least 24 hours before going into the pool. This allows the chemicals from the shocking treatment to evaporate, therefore, making it safe for your skin.

What should you do if your pool water is very milky and shocking makes it more milky but the levels are good?

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Can chlorine turn swimming pool water brown?

Yes if you use well water it can turn the pool brown or black for it has a lot ofIron..

Why is brown water blowing back into your pool?

Because the water Filter has broken inside your pool.

Indoor pool ventilation shocking?

Shocking produces gasses as a result of the chemical reaction between the shocking agent and the organic material in the pool water such as dead bugs, lipstick, and bodily discharges. It would be a good idea to vent off these gasses to the outside in addition to letting the humid air out.

How do you get rid of the brown sediment in your pool water?

Use a pool vacuum or get a bucket

Can you swim after shocking pool?

You should wait a few hours after shocking pool and filtering. It may sting the eyes, especially for the little ones.

Why would clear pool water turn green after adjusting the pH and alkaline and shocking it according to the pool store's directions?

You need to put an algicide in your water. If there is metal in the water, the metal will react with the chlorine shock and turn green or brown. Certain areas of the country have naturally high levels of metal in the groundwater, so that you will have to use a chelating agent every time top off your pool.

Do you leave filter pump on while shocking your pool or?

Yes, you should run the pump when you add chemicals to your water,

How do you shock pool?

Shocking a pool is increasing a the chlorine levels to the maximum, successfully.

Why is the swimming pool water cloudy and greenish?

It sounds like you have a problem with algae Try shocking the pool and adding an algaecide. While you are getting the chemicals you need at the pool shop take in as ample of water and have it tested. The pool shop wil be able to tel you how to balance your water to avoid the problem in the future.

I filled your pool with well water and it looks an orangish-brown color how do you get it clear?

I'm sure that you did not fill MY pool with well water. Then who's pool was it.

You filled your pool with well water and it looks an orangish-brown how do you get it clear?

In most cases when a pool turns brown, minerals in water are reacting to chlorine that has be added to the water. Add a sequestering agent and the pool will clear up in about 24 hours. After the pool clears up, clean the filter.

What is cloudy?

When there are clouds. :) If you are talking about cloudy pool water, it could be a number of things. Take a water sample to a retail pool store for testing. If the cloudiness remains after you balance the water, try adding a flocculent. If it still remains, try shocking the pool, then adding a flocculent again.

When shocking an in-ground swimming pool is it best to leave the pump on or off?

It does not matter if it is above or inground pool leave the pump on, the more the filter runs the fewer the problems you will have that goes for shocking the pool as well.

Do you have to trun on the pump for shocking the pool?

It is best if you do so that the water can circulate and so that the granular chlorine does not sit on a liner pool cause it will discolor the liner. With a gunite pool it can cause bleaching spots. It is not necessary though.

Why did the well water in your pool turn brown after adding clorine?

It is caused by the iron content in the water Your pool shop should have something to help you.