Why is your pool water brown after shocking?

A lot of the time I find people who do a fresh fill from a well and shock without using a scale and metal out. End up having discolored water. It is always a good idea when filling from a well to use a metal out. After letting the water circulate 24 hrs. continuously you should check and adjust your Alkalinity and PH if necessary. After Alklalinuty and PH are adjusted to their proper ranges ALK-80-120ppm PH-7.2-7.6. You should make sure all metals are out of your swimming pool water. Your local pool dealer can help you with testing these levels. After all metals are ride from the water you may then shock your pool. Ideal chlorine readings are between 1-3pm you should try to maintain this level to ensure crystal clear water. Note: during the day time hours it is rare to have a chlorine reading in your pool. The sun burns chlorine levels out of the pool rather quickly. It is always advised to add your chlorine after the sun goes down. To ensure your pool water is sanitized properly. If after doing all of these steps and your pool water still seems to have a brownish/black tint to it. You may have a black algae forming. They make algicide for black algae always follow the directions to a T. Algae usually causes a slippery feeling to the liner. If the liner seems to be colored in spots you can try a chemical called stain treat by United chemical. It works wonderful with spotting on the bottom of liners.