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VMK was apart of the 50th celebration and VMK didn't recommend to last forever like toontown or clubpenguin. Even though VMK is closing, it might reopen but you'll have to pay for it, also thee's also something called VFK (Virtual Family Kindom) which is like VMK only in the 1600s-1800s(Revolutionary times) Again We're all sad VMK is/has closed :I

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Why is VMK closing?

Vmk is closing because it opened because of the 50th celebration but that ended a while ago. Hope this helps! -kelly

Why did vmk closed?

well i never wanted vmk to close and my sister loved it but when we heard it was closing it was pretty sad.To all veiwers or players in [vmk] i think u feel upset too =[

What date did vmk close?

VMK closed on May 21, 2008 at its normal closing time of 10:00 PST (Pacific Time).

Is VMK coming back?

That is unknown but most likely no. VMK was made for Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary. Because of it's large popularity, VMK stayed for another 2 years, then broke all of our hearts with it's closing.

Will vmk ever come back?

Possibly, if Disney is ever nice. Honestly, I've always loved Disney, but for closing VMK, I like, hate it. :( It was the best game ever. I would SO pay for VMK to play if it reopened, and I bet so would every other person who played. VFK is making tons of money, but its not as fun as VMK. People would pay more for VMK and more people would play VMK than VFK. Probably, the answer is no.

What is VMK?

VMK, Virtual Magic Kingdom, is a free multiplayer online experience. Based on Disney theme parks, one can create an avatar and create rooms, and play various games. Unfortunately VMK will be closing for the last time May 22nd at 10pm, pacific time. visit

Is vmk back?

Nope. VMK is not back.

Vmk coming back?

I wish, but no. VMK was for a celebration.

What font is vmk?

The font used in VMK was "Foxley 816"

Other places like club penguin?

Vmk, toontown, i suggest vmk

Is VMK closed forever?


Is VMK for kids?

Vmk WAS for kids, it was safe, and fun. Disney did a wonderful job with the graphics and made it enjoyable to play. I preferred Vmk to the rest of Disney's websites Club penguin is also fun but not near as developed as vmk was.

What are the answers to vmk hula quest?

VMK has been closed now, so I'm pretty sure there is no need for Hula's Answers. Sorry that VMK closed!

Why is vmk not working right now?

sometimes there is a problem in vmk and hosts have to close the game for a while vmk closed so it's not gonna work anymore now

Is Disney going to put vmk back on?

yes, it is said to be coming back may 26, 2010. Look out guy hope to see you back in VMK! a vmk staff member

Can you still play on VMK?

== ==

How many boys are in vmk?

Lol i Dont Really Know How Many Boys There On In VMK But There Is ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I <3 VMK Like Crazy my computer Wont Let Me Click It Right Now Fer Some Reason.Lol i Dont Really Know How Many Boys There On In VMK But There Is ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I <3 VMK Like Crazy my computer Wont Let Me Click It Right Now Fer Some Reason.

When will vmk be unleashed?

If your talking about VMK Unleased... last ive heard it suppose to Open In March 2009! (: Hope i helped!

Is vmk coming back in 2010?


What are some websites like VMK?

VirtualFamilyKingdom.Com is somewhat of a replacement game for VMK. VMKRevisited.Com offers a very nice replica of the game.

Why did they cancel vmk?

VMK was never intended to last forever - the game was closed for good at the end of day on May 21st, 2008.

What is better Club Penguin or VMK?

VMK is, because you had lots of lands to go to, and most of the words showed, but on cp, some words didnt show. And also the writing goes up and away in VMK! Instead of being on for 1 second!

What website is like vmk and you can be 12 or under?

Webkinz (Need to buy a plush toy) VFK VMK - Closed :( Poptropica Club Penguin

Is there a website were you can recreate your VMK Character?

Not as of yet.

How do you get on vmk magic?

Take lots of drugs.

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