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It is a top boarding school. It is the "H" in "HADES", which is short for the top boardings schools (Hotchkiss, Andover, Deerfield, Exeter, St. Pauls'). Also, add often to this list is "GMC" (Groton, Middlesex, Choate).

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Q: Why isn't Hotchkiss among the top boarding high schools?
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Is boarding schools free?

No by no means is boarding school free, many high class boarding schools can cost up to forty to sixty thousand dollars a year.

What is the percentage of troubled teens, in the US, that go to boarding schools during their high school years?

It is difficult to provide an exact percentage as data varies, but it is estimated that a small percentage of troubled teens in the US attend boarding schools during their high school years. Boarding schools can be an option for families seeking a structured and supportive environment for their teens who may be facing challenges.

Are boarding schools better than high schools?

It really all depends on your preference. Boarding schools are much stricter and focus a lot on studies, at a high school you will still get your studies but depending on what high school your at you will have a bit more free time and more time with friends.

Is boarding school just for high school?

It is okay for a student to go just for high school boarding school, although it would be better for one to attend a boarding school since middle school, which is called junior boarding schools. However, if one already is a high school student, they can apply for good boarding schools, so that it can be helpful for them. Senior boarding schools give students wider environment that gives them a experience of university education. When applying for colleges and universities, it may be much more efficient for a student to get in.

What are the top boarding high schools in America?

There're some of the them: Choate Rosemary Hall: Georgetown Preparatory School: The Hotchkiss School: Peddie School: The Middle Sex School The Milton Academy: The St-Paul's School Columbia College: Phillips Exeter Academy: Phillips Academy Andover: The Lawrenceville School: ... The above schools are generally rated as top private boarding schools in North America.

Where can I find information about Boarding High Schools?

I recommend; I used it to find my daughter's school and was very pleased. Try USA Study Guide, they have listings for boarding schools across the country.

How much do high-end private schools cost?

i went to a military boarding school that cost 26,000 dollars a year but higher end boarding private schools can cost 50,000 to 60,000 a year

What is the top boarding high school in the USA?

There are lists available online. One website even lists the top 20 boarding schools. This website is

Locations of private military schools.?

All military schools are private in that they are not government funded in the traditional way that public schools are. There are military boarding schools for younger kids through high school age, and there are military colleges/universities. A list of boarding schools: AND colleges: They are located throughout the country.

Is there an online resource for boarding High Schools, and if so, where?

Yes, there is an online resource. It is located at and is very helpful.

Did Chuck Norris visit hotchkiss in 2009?

The awesome Chuck Norris did visit the Hotchkiss High School last year to talk about his acting career.

what is the best cheap boarding schools?

The cheapest boarding school in the states is not Luster Christian high school, the tuition of this school is indeed $5800 and it is co-ed, but, the cheapest boarding school that is co-ed, is Columbia International College, with a tuition of $1700