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Pluto can't be a Terrestrial or Jovian. It's much smaller than any of the official planets and now classified as a "dwarf planet.

But Pluto is not made of gas or rock.

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The planet Pluto is not classified as a gas giant or a terrestrial planet. In fact it is a dwarf planet now.

Pluto is no longer a planet but is classified as a dwarf planet, So Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet. Neither terrestrial or gas planet.

Any planet past the asteroid belt, which is between Mars and Jupiter, is considered a gas giant, except for Pluto. Although Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, when it used to be classified as such, it was the only rocky planet past the asteroid belt.

Mercury is classified as a terrestrial planet. The gas giants are the other group.

Pluto could technically be conceived as both. It is a gaseous planet, but it is also completely frozen.

well........ u said terrestrial planet...... so a moon...... that is terrestrial...... idksorry my best guess....... oh well good luck

Pluto is not considered a planet because it has not cleared other objects out of its orbit. It has a composition much like that of a comet, consisting of various ices, and so is not a terrestrial planet.

Mars is a terrestrial planet, not a gas giant planet.

Mars is a terrestrial planet, not a gas giant. Mars is a terrestrial planet because the majority of it is rock, not gas.

Mercury is a terrestrial planet.

Venus is a terrestrial planet

The opposite of terrestrial planet is gas giant

A terrestrial planet, Gas giant planets are made of gas....

The planet Mars is terrestrial, which is to say it is similar to the Earth. It is not a gas giant.

Pluto is a rocky planet.

mars is a terrestrial planet or an inner planet

It is a rocky planet or terrestrial planet. Any planet before Mars is terrestrial and any planet after Mars is a gas giant.

Haumea is a rocky, terrestrial dwarf planet.

giant planet thingy in solar system

Ceres is neither a gas giant or terrestrial planet. Ceres is classified as an asteroid and is sometimes called a minor planet. It resides in the asteroid belt between the orbits of mars and Jupiter. It's similar in composition to the terrestrial planets and is composed mostly of rock.

No, it is a terrestrial planet.

according to the ATM Pluto is a gas giant