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Plenty of students finish their homework on time. Those who don't may not get it finished on time because they do other things instead of doing their homework, in which case they need to do their homework before spending time on other things. Others may procrastinate and think they will do it later. They need to get their homework done without pitting it off. Some may have problems focusing on their homework because of things going on around them. They may need to find a quiet place to do their homework. Some may not get their homework done for other reasons. They need to determine what the reason is and find a way to overcome it, so they can get their homework done on time. You only get one chance to do well in school and if you blow that chance you may regret it later on, so it is well worth it to get your homework done on time.

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Well teenagers are usually geniuses in their parents' mind- even though parents deny it, they process it sub-consciously. Try giving them more freedom, like give them at least one hour of "free-time" even though they may be failing a few classes- but don't stretch the free-time. Try motivating them by giving them something they really want, for example I told my daughter that I would buy her a TV set and she drastically improved. All you need to do is buy, if you don't buy it, then thy will never trust you- you don't ever want that.

What you don't want AT ALL is to pester them about their grades, they will get really cranky and they will be rude and will talk back for no reason.

Try signing up for lumosity- my daughter is hooked on the games here, and those games improve their brains as much as 85% in just 3 months!

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Children are not mature yet - they're still learning to do things like meet deadlines and hand in their tasks on time.

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Q: Why isn't your Child turning in homework on time?
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How much time does the average kid spend on homework in eighth grade?

About a hour and 30 minutes or less your child is spending more time see if he/she needs any help with his/her homework.Also if your child is getting low grades think about his/her homework or just check his/her homework.

What are the differences between homework and classwork?

The difference between classwork and homework is that homework is designed to be completed at home with the help of a parent or gaurdian if needed, while classwork is to be completed in class time whilst being supervised by the teacher. If the child does not complete there classwork it is up to them to finish it in their own time e.g. lunch or at home. If this is happening numerous times arrange a meeting with your child and child's teacher.

Is it proper English to say all the time or all of the time?

Both, and here is what I mean: 1. "All the time in the world will not help me finish my homework." 2. "I am late turning in my homework all of the time." People say 'all the time' but it is lazy language and not 'proper'. Of course, you could bypass this form and say, "I am chronically late turning in my homework." Another similar one is "I threw the banana peel out the window." To be proper English, it should be "I threw the banana peel out of the window", or ". . . through the window."

What do you do when a child's homework question makes you laugh?

As we age, it is not unusual for a child's homework question to make us want to laugh every now and then, and if you are not where the child can see or hear you, it's fine to go ahead and laugh. If you are where the child can see or hear you, it is important to save that laugh for another time so the child will not get the impression that she/he or the question is not important.

How can I tell if my child has too much homework?

Try and be friendly and work with your child's teacher about the homework load. Approach the teacher through phone or email and request a meeting to discuss the situation. Ask the teacher for the reasoning behind the workload and the teacher's expectations on what the child should be getting out of the assignment. Explain why you feel the amount of homework is unnecessary and provide examples of how your child may not have time to pursue other pursuits. If necessary, consult a principal or counselor at the school.

How much time should parents spend with their children doing homework?

Parents should spend however much time is necessary for their particular child to grasp the material.

What is the subject in the sentence will you be able to get your homework done on time?

I believe that it is either the homework or you, but I'm not sure... ;/

What does it mean you'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind?

You must work to get it example you would have to do your homework to go to your friends house on Friday night if you do not do your homework in time you do not get to go to your friends house on Friday night!It means that nothing will be done just by thinking about it.

Should kids have homework?

Yes,but maybe only a sheet every day because homework can take up lots of time and children need fresh air and need to get out of the house.When I was a child I hated how much homework my teacher gave me because it was an unnescessary amount.So yes, but not alot.

What is a good time to do homework in fifth grade?

A good time to do homework is as soon as you get home from school.

Is too much homework bad for kids?

It could be, as it probably wouldn't leave enough play or free time for them. Not enough physical activity is detrimental to a child's health, and too much homework or even sitting on front of the Xbox console could make a child less physically active than he or she should be.

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