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Sociopaths (psychopaths) are people who are incapable of experiencing compassion; they never feel shame, guilt, or remorse. Harming a friend, a lover, a parent would have no emotional effect upon a psychopath. Psychopaths regard other people as tools, as resources to exploit. Some are incredible mimics and will go to great lengths to appear "normal", in order to game the system for their own benefit.

There is no known treatment which can change psychopaths. Psychotherapy (talk therapy) has no beneficial effect whatsoever upon psychopaths. There are no medications, surgical techniques, or any other methods which have the slightest effect. Extensive clinical literature from such prominent researchers as Dr. Robert Hare makes this fact clear. Psychopathy is completely untreatable.

Furthermore, psychopaths see nothing wrong with the way they are. They feel no incentive to change. Their own wrongdoing does not cause them the slightest worry.

There are different kinds of people - not all sociopaths are the same and therefore the possibility that some may be willing to change is apparent. Also, the way in which they act and are acted upon by others has more to do with their decisions. Therefore, if they are given a tolerant opportunity, change is possible. A cure may not be.

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Q: Why isn't there treatment for sociopaths?
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What are some of the drugs used to treat sociopaths?

there is no treatment.

Do sociopaths know they are sociopaths?

yes and no

Who are the British specialists in treatment of sociopaths?

Contact the National Association for Mental Health. They can advise you. Be aware that there is little treatment possible for sociopathy, but there are things you can do to help yourself cope.

Does any one know the names of experts who treat mainstream non-criminal sociopaths?

There is no effective treatment for sociopaths. It is the nature of antisocial personality disorder (the correct term) that individuals do not accept that they have problems, and thus do not respond to therapy.

Do sociopaths tend to gravitate towards other sociopaths?

Sociopaths might find other sociopaths interesting, but would soon fall become bored and frustrated. Sociopaths like easy prey to manipulate, as they like to feel everything is below them. So sociopaths might actually try to avoid other sociopaths.

Do sociopaths love their parents?

Sociopaths are incapable of love.

Can sociopaths change for the better?

No research has shown significant success in their treatment. As they age the impact they have on others is often less than when they are younger.

Are serial killers sociopaths?

Yes, serial killers are sociopaths.

Do sociopaths know they're sociopaths?

Sociopaths generally know that they are different from others, but not that they are sociopaths. They have probably known that they were different from an early age, and may distrust others who want them to be 'normal'.

Are there more gay sociopaths that straight sociopaths?

No, in fact, it's the opposite. There are many more straight sociopaths than gay ones.

Why are sociopaths secretive?

Society has formed a very negative view of sociopaths, and sociopaths tend to be logical so why would they want people to know?

How Sociopaths use religion?

In my experience, sociopaths use religion to manipulate others.

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