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they don't

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Q: Why male dog humps then pees on blanket?
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Why would your male dog pee on you on purpose?

if a male dog pees on you onpurpose it means it hates you

My younger male dog pees on my older female?

He is marking her as his property.

Can a male dog get you pregnant if he humps your vagina?

No, but it could get you a criminal record.

How does a male dog make a female dog pregnant?

They mate. The male dog inserts his penis into the female dog's vagina. The male dog then humps the female dog, and then the male dog ejaculates semen into the female dog's vagina.

Are you being marked as territory if the neighbors male dog pees on you and you have a male dog of your own?

USA laws state that your now infact official property of the dog

Why does your male dog hump your leg?

A male dog humps your leg to show dominance. This is a sign that you have to take control and train the dog so that he knows that you are the leader of the pack.

When does male does male dog stop lifting his leg and urinating?

he doesn't, he always pees like that. unless he decides he doesn't want to any more.

Why does a neutered male dog still hump a female dog that's in heat?

For same reason your husband humps the neighbor's wife after a vasectomy. Because he can.

Is it bad if your dog humps?


What do you do if your male dog pees on your baby?

Simple. Buy a bitch, mate him and when his pups are old enough have your baby pee on his pups

Why does one male dog hump another male dog?

This is probably just playfull behavior. Some dogs have a bad habit of humping everything so it may also be that. 2nd Answer: Whether a male dog humps your leg or another male dog, the purpose is to establish dominance. My dog made the mistake of trying that on a male pit bull one time.

If a nertered male dog humps a female in heat will it hurt her?

Yes. She'll just be so traumatized by the lack of semen.

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