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Why might a car not go in reverse?


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2005-07-06 20:30:39
2005-07-06 20:30:39

Hey Diane==You don't state if it is auto or standard. If it is auto take it to the trans shop an something inside is broken and if it is standard have the clutch checked out first. GoodluckJoe If your car wont reverse more than likely your transmition is faulty. You will need profesional assistance.


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why reverse wont go in on 2004 town car

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Bad reverse clutch in the tranny

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what is the problem when the car will not go in drive or reverse? and the transmission fluid is still full

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a race car about fift-60 mph a refgular car iwould NT go more thatn 30 for a reg car or race car if you do go fast in reverse i can be dangerouls u don't have as much control

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Tranny is shot.The reverse gear in your transmission had burned out

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