Why might a pyramid of numbers be flipped upside down?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Because their process changes

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Q: Why might a pyramid of numbers be flipped upside down?
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What is theromental?

suppose you flipped a coin 100 times you might have flipped heads 50 time and tails 50 times

Why does goldfish swim upside down and is bloated?

If the goldfish is upside down and it is bloated, ................................It might be DEAD!

What figure would you get if you cut a pyramid in half?

It depends on how you cut it. It might be a frustrum, it might be a (somewhat differently shaped) pyramid, or it might be a wedge.

What is an 8 sided shape that looks like a pyramid?

If by "side" you mean face, you might be referring to a heptagonal pyramid (a pyramid with eight faces).If by "side" you mean edge, you might be referring to a tetragonal pyramid (a pyramid with eight edges).Or, if you mean it has an eight-sided base, your answer would be an octagonal pyramid (a pyramid with an eight-sides base).

What is the best unit of measure that you would use to measure a square pyramid?

It would depend on how large the pyramid was. If it's a very large pyramid, yards or meters might be best. If it's a very small pyramid, you might want to use inches or centimeters.

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because they might have allergies

What is a biotic pyramid?

I think you might be talking about a biomass pyramid. I never heard of a biotic pyramid. Take a look at this website. It might help you.

Why is the Great Pyramid for Khufu?

Khufu was the pharaoh (you might recognize as king) in the pyramid not the pyramid itself. This pyramid was called The Great Pyramid (and sometimes-)of Giza. This pyramid was the tallest pyramid.

What might happen to an ecological pyramid of numbers in a forest ecosystem if most of the deer were killed due to hunting by people and disease?

Since deer are first order heterotrophs and if they get hunted or killed then the second order heterotrophs would not have much to eat and would probably die, then the third order heterotrophs would not have anything to eat. There for the numbers of the pyramid would drop drastically.

Square is to Triangle as Cube is to?

Square is to cube, as triangle is to "triangular pyramid." Pyramid might refer to the common square pyramid, with a square base.

Is there a second book to flipped?

I don't think there is, there might be and I hope so, but Im pretty sure there isn't srry.

What is the base of a shape pyramid?

depends on what kind of pyramid it is