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Q: Why might metallic bonding be weak compared to ionic and covalent bonding?
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Is Fe a covalent ionic or metallic bond?

Elemntal iron is a metal with metallic bonding. In its compounds the bonding can be ionic or covalent.

Can a bond be a covalent and ionic bond?

No. A bond cannot be both covalent and ionic. A bond can be covalent, ionic or metallic. In covalent bonding electrons are shared, electrons are transferred in ionic bonding and electrons move about in a sea of electrons in metallic bonds.

Is aluminium ionic covalent or metalic bonding?

Alumin(i)um coheres by metallic bonding.

Is iron nail ionic or covalent bond?

Metallic bonding is exhibited in an iron nail.

Is calcium and lithium polar covalent ionic or non covalent?

Calcium and lithium individually are both elements with metallic bonding and not any of polar, covalent, or ionic bonding. They could be described as non covalent.

What are types of bonds?

Basically there are two types of chemical bonding- Ionic bonding and covalent bonding, their sub classes include coordinate covalent bonding , metallic bonding and secondary type of bonding includes Hydrogen bonding , Vander waal's bonding, Dipole-Dipole interaction and London's dispersion effect.

What are the main types of chemical bonds?

There are three main types of chemical bonds. The main types are; ionic bonding, covalent bonding and polar covalent bonding.

What are two types of bonding in metal?

The bonding in transition metals involves both a "covalent" contribution and a metallic "cloud of electrons bond. Alkali metals just have the cloud of electrons to hold them together- hence softer and lower melting.

Is metallic bonding metals or nonmetals?

Covalent bonding is typical of organic compounds which do not contain metal. Metals form either metallic or ionic bonds.

What are the 2 types of bonding What is the difference between them?

Types of bonding: ionic (in salts), covalent (in organic compounds), metallic (in metals).

How can you relate a basketball to ionic and covalent bonding?

How can you compare covalent bonding and ionic bonding with soccer

What atoms share electrons in their outer cell?

Any non-metallic atom can share electrons with another non-metallic atom, through covalent bonding. Metallic bonding is between metals. Covalent bonding is between non-metals. Ionic bonding is typically between a metal and a non-metal.