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Q: Why most influenced Darwin's idea that some offspring are better suited to survival than others?
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Why are stronger traits passed down to offspring?

So that the offspring have a better chance of survival. these traits are often chosen through natural selection.

Is Sexual or asexual reproduction better for a rapidly changing environment?

Sexual. Sex allows for more variation in offspring thus increasing the chances for survival.

Why do genetically different offspring have a better chance of survival than genetically?

Those that are different have a better chance because one may be superior than the others. If they are all alike, perhaps none will survive.

What difference will give some individuals a better chance of survival?

It depends on survival of what. Surviving chances after an illness or operation are mostly influenced by someone's age (preferably: young) and general condition (healthy, trained, non-smoker etc.).

How do snails change their sex?

Sexual reproduction allows the organisms to combine DNA and produce offspring that may have better survival traits than either one of the parents. Even if an organism has both male and female organs, it is better for future offspring to combine these traits and try to produce a superior organism instead of just copying the DNA that is already there.

What is the difference between helpful and harmful mutation?

a beneficial mutation in an animal, plant, cell or bacteria will allow it to have a better chance of survival and allow it to continue passing on its DNA in its offspring. a harmful mutation does the exact opposite it hinders the animals survival and will eventually lead it's species to extinction.

Darwin noticed that birds were good At finding scarce food in the winter had a better chance of surviving and producing offspring what did he call this struggle fir existence?

Survival of the fittest / natural selection

Who is a better offspring?

If mother and father are geographically situated in two different regions and if they do not have any blood relationship, then there is a good chance of getting a better offspring.

Are adults or children given a better chance for survival from lymphoma?

The survival rate among children is definitely better than among older people.

What do you think has a better chance of survival a Euglena in an environment with no light or an amoeba in an environment with other organims?

the Euglena has a better chance of survival because it can capture prey.

Why does biodiversity enable organisms to have a better chance of survival?

how does biodiversity in an ecosystem increases the chances of survival for organisms

How has science influenced philosophy?

Some people, when they get scientific reason they understand it better and then it helps them to be influenced.