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The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

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The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

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To be accurate a theory must continue to explain what?

To be accurate, a theory must continue to explain what

To be accurate a theory must continue to explain?

A theory must continue to explain why it is important to be accurate. It must include many facts and observations.

What skills does Bilbo show in dealing with Gollum?

Once Gollum found out that he couldn't find his ring and the odd question from Bilbo about ''Whats in my pocket?'' Riddle then he though Bilbo must have the ring so he went back over to Bilbo but he was gone... really he just had the ring on so he was invisable. Gollum thought that Bilbo found the way out of the cave so he went to the Exit of the cave which techniaclly lead Bilbo to the exit so Bilbo got out by using a skill which was the skill he came up with by Gollum.Riddlesanswering riddles so Gollum won't kill him

How is Bilbo Baggins loyal?

Bilbo Baggins is loyal because when the dwarves were captured by the goblins he went back into the horrible, horrible tunnels and look for his friends. He had just made up his mind that it was his duty, and that he must turn back.

What must a theory continue to explain?

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Why must animals and plant breed?

To continue its species.

How many soccer players are required to continue play?

Each team must have a minimum of 7 players for the match to continue.

When does Bilbo Baggins show Loyalty in The Hobbit?

Besides the chapter where the dwarves are captured by the Goblins.

What is the duration of This Must Be the Place film?

The duration of This Must Be the Place - film - is 1.97 hours.

What are some must see places in Antarctica?

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What happens in Chapter 5 of 'The Hobbit'?

CHAPTER 5Problem: Bilbo must play a game with Gollum in order to get out of the mountain.Solved it: he wins the riddle game, guesses the ring's power, and makes it out of the mountain safely.Basically, he wakes up, finds a ring in the passageway, meets Gollum and makes a riddle game with Gollum. If Gollum loses, he has to lead Bilbo out. Otherwise, Bilbo gets eaten. Bilbo obviously wins, gets lead out, and finds out the ring's powers (put it on, and you turn invisible).

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Because we must continue to fight for freedom?

Why do you remember Gettysburg today?

Its because we must continue to fight for our freedom

For a plant's life cycle to continue a seedling must live long enough to produce?

Plants must complete their life cycle to fulfill their true purpose. For plant's life cycle to continue a seedling must live long enough to produce new seeds.

Theme of the story of keesh?

you must continue what your father deed.. and you must treat other the way you want to be treated.be brave:D

What must occur to have a crime scene?

It must FIRST be located and then identified as the place where the crime took place.

How did Bilbo learn that Thorin was being kept captive in the dungeon?

In Tolkien's "The Hobbit," after he had found the cells of the other twelve dwarfs, Bilbo overheard the guards talking about another dwarf, who he guessed must be Thorin. By using the ring, he was able to follow the guards, undetected and find the cells of each dwarf.

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some where the hurting must stop you have to continue with out me

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How do you continue the adventure at maple story as a guest?

You can not, it is just a taste of Maplestory to see if you like the game. If you want to continue, you must create an account, which is free.

What is the looking glass that Bilbo wants?

Bilbo wants a looking glass (a mirror) in order to see himself in the elvish armor he attains from Thorin in the old dwarvish palace under the mountain. He thinks he must look rather ridiculous as far as hobbits should look, but still has a desire to see himself.

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