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Q: Why nail head get warm by term of kinetic and thermal energy?
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When you hit a nail into a board using a hammer the head of the nail gets warm in terms of kinetic and thermal energy describe why you think this happens?

The kinetic energy transfers from the hammer to the nail. The molecules inside the nail move rapidly and create heat.

Describe the types of energy generated when you hit a nail with a hammer?

when you raise the hammer at the top of your upswing the hammer has potential energy when you lower the hammer to hit a nail , the hammer has potential energy.

Is a hammer held above a nail kinetic energy?

No, the word 'Kinetic' literally means moving. So Kinetic energy literally means moving energy. If your hammer is above a nail then it is not moving... and so it is not kinetic energy.

Why nail becomes warm when hammered into a plank?

The nail becomes warm because excess energy has nowhere to go, and is converted to thermal energy. Part of the energy is used up in driving through the plank, part is used in making a sound, part is used in recoiling back at the hammer, which also gets warm, and part is lost to kinetic energy transferred to thermal energy.

Can electromagnetic energy be transformed?

its electric to mechanical kinetic! The electric current creates a magnetic field and moves certain objects toward it, once again it MOVES object towards it and an objects motion creates mechanical kinetic energy.

If a hammer was hitting a nail what kind of force is it?

It is kinetic energy.

Why does a Screw takes less forces to move into wood than a nail?

a screw possesses both rotational kinetic energy and translational kinetic energy while a nail possesses only translational kinetic energy as it moves through the piece of wood hence the screw moves faster since its motion is backed by more energy than the nail.

What is the energy conversion of a hammer and strikes a nail into a plank?


Use kinetic energy potential energy mechanical energy in a sentence?

All in one sentence? Ok... "The potential energy in a watch spring is translated to kinetic energy by the mechanical energy of the spring unwinding." Or.. "Kinetic energy is released when a body moves from one state to another." "The potential energy of a circuit is understood by analyzing the circuit components." "Striking the head of a nail with a hammer is an example of mechanical energy." or.. do it your self :D

Why does the head of a nail get warm when you hammer it?

The Plank is raised to a certain height to hit the nail. Thus potential energy of the plank is converted into kinetic energy as well as some amount of heat energy's drive the nail into some wooden body. So the nail become warm.

What kind of energy does a hammer have right before it hits a nail?

Kinetic and potential.

Is using a magnet to pick up a steel nail an example of turning chemical energy to produce kinetic energy?