Why people should become doctors?


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Some people should become Doctors because say If you became ill and none of your relatives could look after you, you would have to go to a Docter.

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The people that become doctors often are 47 out of 100

To help people in the world!

Doctors should be patient with all Patients - it seems that this has become a real wide-spread issue.

doctors advice elderly people to have calcium tablets because their bones become weak and teeth starts falling.

Yes, I think it is, because who taught other people how to become lawyer's doctors, and so on... it was the Teachers So teaching should be considered a profession.

schools that train people to become doctors and nurses are called medical schools.

People who want to become Doctors spend years find out the answer to that question. Some Doctors specialise in order to get more detail on the answer

The drug is prescribed by doctors to people who have a dependence on opiate drugs. This drug should help you with your addiction problems.

No, women were not allowed to become doctors in the Middle ages as they were not allowed to attend universities. They did however often provide medical care to people in villages and were allowed to act as midwives and surgeons.

Yes, Autistic people can become doctors. Autistic people can gain doctrines or become medical doctors, Autism is a neurological difference that impacts social and communication skills but does not typically impact on IQ or academic abilities. Many Autistic people may need support in education but can still reach a level where their can gain qualifications to become a doctor.

You should visit your doctor. Doctors are trained to educate and help people become healthier. I cannot think of any better resource for your health-related concerns.

It is according to the doctors thant why they wnt to become a doctor? Some want to become adoctor to help peapole and some want to become to earn money.

Oh yes, lots of doctors have immigrated to Canada and have become Canadian citizens.

Disregard my answer, but doctors themselves should be able to answer best.

Doctors are made to heal people

If you think that you may have fibromyalgia, you should see a rheumatologist.

- policemen -people in the army - doctors - nurses

it would be good because more people would survive if there is doctors

Doctors per people - the amount doctors are allocated to a thousand people. A low amount of doctors per people rate is normally found in a LEDC and is most likely to be due to a low literacy rate.

Teacher, teachers teach us doctors to become doctors.

yes it is in one way because doctors and scientist do alot about people body and how they can become better when they were poolyFurther answerNot all scientists are doctors by any means. And even if they were, they can be doctors in fields that are quite unrelated to medicine. For example, some people can be a Doctor of Divinity. But I think it's fair to say that all doctors of medicine can be considered scientists.

Cosmetic Surgeons and Doctors are the only people who should be giving Botox injections.

We are not doctors here, you should go to the doctors office and get an exam.

Medieval doctors did not know about microorganisms, and since they had no idea what caused the Plague, they had no idea as to how to help its victims.

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