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Lactose intolerant people have a deficiency of an enzyme called lactase, which breaks up the lactose into two monosaccharides called galactose and glucose. These two are easily digestable, whereas lactose is not.

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Q: Why people who at lactose intolerant can't digest disaccharide lactose?
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Do dairy products contain a disaccharide which some people are unable to digest?

Dairy products can contain a sugar called 'lactose' to which some people are intolerant.

What is lacked toss n tolerant?

I think you mean "lactose intolerant."Lactose is milk sugar. All small babies can digest lactose, but many people lose their ability to digest it as they get older--that is why they get sick from drinking milk. People who can still digest milk sugar as adults are "lactose tolerant"; people who cannot digest it are "lactose intolerant."

Why are people lactose intolerant?

because they don't produce enough of the enzyme lactase to digest the lactose :) hope it helped.

What makes some people lactose intolerant as adults?

Some people don't produce any enzymes, including the one needed to digest lactose

How do you become lactose intolerant?

Lactose intolerance is an inability for the small intestines to digest lactose. Lactose intolerance often happens as people get older, and is something that tends to run in families.

Why does the large intestine swell when lactose-intolerant people digest foods with lactose?

I am trying to find that out! I will answer question when I find it! Sorry I probably shouldn't post this as the answer to your question, but I kinda am. :)

What is the name of lactose intolerant people?

They are known as people with lactose intolerance - and that's about it.

Is there a medication available to help lactose intolerant people digest dairy products?

It is possible to add a bacteria to the milk that will digest the lactose. It is also possible to use a cottage or yogurt bacteria and change the milk to a more digestible form. You still have to treat the milk, not the person. Perhaps some day chromosome therapy will enable lactose intolerant people to enjoy milk.

What is the name of the disaccharide found in milk?

Lactose of course! People who cannot properly break down this sugar usually refrain from drinking milk or consuming any dairy product. We call those people lactose intolerant.

What do lactose intolerant people have for dinner?


Who hates cheese?

People who are lactose intolerant. =]

Can lactose intolerant people eat pizza?

Some lactose-intolerant people can eat pizza, while others cannot. It depends on the severity of the intolerance.

What are people who cant eat diary?

Lactose Intolerant

What is the life expectancy for people who are lactose intolerant?


Who doesn't like cheese?

people who are lactose intolerant

Is milk whey safe for lactose intolerant people?


Can people eat eggs if they are lactose intolerant?


Do lactose intolerant people get the same amount of Calcium from drinking milk as do non lactose intolerant people?

lactose free milk has the same calcium content as regular milk, barring additives

Why is the digestion of milk affected by lactose found in the stomach?

Are you talking about lactose intolerance? If so, people are lactose intolerant because they do not have the enzyme lactase that is use to digest the lactose. The gene that codes for the lactase cease to be express when they get older . Other people keep expressing the gene for their entire life.

Can lactose intolerant people eat cake?

Depends what is in the cake.

Is it harder for lactose intolerant people to build muscle?

not as hard as me

What enzyme is missing from lactose intolerant people?

Lactase, an enzyme required for the complete metabolisation of lactose

Why does the large intestine swell when lactose-intolerant people consume foods with lactose?

U poip

Is there lactose in ricotta?

Ricotta cheese is made from lactose-rich whey, so it should be avoided by people who are lactose intolerant.

Is whey protein supplement recommended for people who are lactose intolerant?

If you are lactose intolerant, it is probably a good idea to avoid whey products. Whey is a byproduct of the cheese making process; while it might not contain as much lactose as milk, it can still cause stomach problems for the lactose intolerant.