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because fucck you thats why

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Q: Why pilot of plane have precise measurements of velocity?
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How does the initial velocity change with he point of released of inclined plane?

the INITIAL velocity does not change. It is constant. however, the velocity changes depends on the friction and inclination of the inclined plane.

A novice pilot sets a plane's controls thinking the plane will fly at 2.5 X 102 kmh to the north if the wind blows at 75 kmh toward the southeast what is the plane's resultant velocity?

The wind is blowing at a vector of 225 degrees with a magnitude of 75. The original heading is on a vector of zero with a magnitude of 2500. The resultant vector is then 15 degrees east of north at 203.98 kmh.

An aeroplane flying at a constant velocity releases a bomb. As the bomb drops down from the aeroplane what will be the position of the bomb with respect to the plane?

There are two forces on the bomb when it is dropped; horizontal, and vertical. The vertical force is gravity, and the horizontal force is the velocity of the plane when the bomb is dropped. In order to determine how far away the bomb will drop from the initial point of release, it is necessary to know the height that the plane is at, and the velocity of the plane, which is also the initial horizontal velocity of the bomb (it is constant, neglecting air resistence.)

What is the magnitude of the vertical component of the velocity of the plane in item 1?


Where would we use plane mirrors?

To the left of the pilot, and to the right of the co-pilot, its up to them to work together to communicate their observations effectively.