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An argument can be made that school hours should not be changed because of sports practice and other after school activities.

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Q: Why school hours should not be changed?
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Should school hours be changed to 12pm -6pm?


How much longer should school hours be?

I think school hours should be 6 hours because you get to do almost everything you do in school like eat then learn (well duh)but anyways I like your question!

What school has the shortest amount of school hours in Chicago?

At one time Chicago schools had a shorter day than other schools in Illinois but that has changed. Chicago has changed to have the same hours as the rest of Illinois and restored physical education classes.

How many hours are you at school in a month?

If you're in school for 6 hours a day and 5 days a week, it should be about 120 hours.

How often should mediport access be changed?

Every 96 hours

Why should school hours be kept?

to be smarter

When should you replace a pad?

A pad should be changed after every 3 hours regardless of whether it is full or not

Why School time should be changed?

School time should be changed because it is difficult for parents to get out of work early enough to pick up a student who is out of school at 3 p.m. It is also extremely difficult for parents to have children ready and rested when school begins at 7 a.m.

How often should the engine oil be changed in a wheel loader?

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What kind of hours do child therapists work?

Well when i had one it was not on weekends on like school days but it might have changed.

A school day for high school students should start two hours later, so students can get more rest.?

A school day for high school students should start two hours later, so students can get more rest.

Should children have longer school days?

No. Children spend most hours of their day at school, and afterwards have many hours of homework. If school days were to be longer, homework should be banished allowing children to be able to socialise