Why school uniforms are bad?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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They take away the right to express yourself through your clothes.

They're also ugly

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because your bad!

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they are ugly and uncomfortable

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Q: Why school uniforms are bad?
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What would be a good title for an essay about school uniforms?

school uniforms - good idea? bad idea?

Why school uniforms are bad to wear?

you have no individuality

What are the bad things about not having uniforms?

The bad thing about not having school uniforms, Is that people can get bullied, picked on, & It causes way more fights.

Who says that school uniforms are bad?

no kids like uniforms. they try to change during. and get in trouble. get them a waiverr!!

How are uniforms bad for you?

School uniforms are bad because they are ugly and not many people like them. How can anyone look unique and be themselves if everyone is wearing the same thing!?

Uniforms affect grades in high school?

They do affect grades. If the students are able to dress as they want, then they can be more focused and happy in school. If uniforms are in place, then they are focused but not happy. Therefore uniforms are not a bad thing but do not please the students.

Are school uniforms good or bad?

I think school uniforms are a good thing. If you have a uniform it is easy to find an outfit every day. It also saves money because you only have to buy about 2 or 3 uniforms that can last you a while. Also, they show school spirit!

Why are school uniforms bad for schools?

School uniforms actually benefit school students. It is an opportunity for unification of the team that is the members of a student body. When everyone is in uniform, no one has to keep up with expensive or clique fashion trends and everyone is at the same level, as a team. School is not for worrying about fashion it is for learning!

What makes school uniforms good and bad?

Different people have different opinions. You choose....

Should school uniforms be bad?

school uniform should just be banned and let people just wear what they want.

Where can i get cheap school uniforms for my kids?

You can get cheap school uniforms for your kids at They have alot of deals for school uniforms. Also Zappos and French Toast have cheap school uniforms.

Why are school uniforms are a bad?

Firstly, no one can show originality, and no one can be unique. Umm, that's about it...