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There are many reasons why science and technology are important for community. These two things improve medical care for example.

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Q: Why science and technology is important for community?
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What is the role of science and technology in community development?

The use of science and technology contributes to the development of a community through the following mechanisms:communicationhealthtransport

What is the differentiate between the science and technology?

science is a study of community and technology is a kind of material

Why is technology important to science?

technology is important to science, because it helps the numbers in science come out more accurate and easier.

What is the definition of technology important of science and technology?

Science discovers and Technology makes things from the discovery

Why science is important in technology?

Science is very important to technology because without discovering something first, how can you make something else? In every tehcnology made, there is always science applied to it. There no technology with out science possibilities. Without Science, there is no technology.

What is the important of Science technology society?

science technology is important because if we dont have science technology then we cant invent gadgets that we use to make hand work easier like computer,cellphone and other things that is been invent by science technology

What are the effect of science and technology in the community?

Think of it this way: I don't think you have seen anything that hasn't involved Some sort of science or technology.

The importance of technology and how it relates to science?

its important

What is the important of Science technology in school?

Science is the body of technical knowledge, and technology is the practical application of that knowledge.For example, all machines, and all books embody both science and technology.

What are the important of science and technology?

Science and technology keep us warm and dry, and protect us from predators such as snakes and manta rays.

Why knowledge of science important to a businessman?

Science has a lot to do with technology, which is a huge part in the economy.

Why is Banneker an important figure in American science and technology?

Because he was