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B. Other scientists need to be able to repeat a scientist's experiments.

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Q: Why scientists describe their research in full when they communicate with other scientists?
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How does scientists get other scientists to verify their results?

they communicate

What do scientists do with their results with other scientists after they complete their investigations?

They communicate their results with other scientists.-your welcome

What is it called when scientists share their info with other scientists?

its called communicate.

Why follow a standard format for research articles?

The reason research article should fellow a standard format is that the scientists communicate with each other's through the articles and share their research results. To communicate effectively, the scientist need to fellow a standard format to present their research results in a clear and logical way

How do scientists use technology to communicate their findings to other scientists?

by useing science

Why should scientists communicate with other scientists?

The best reason for sharing your ideas is to find out what other scientists are working on; they may have a piece of the puzzle that will help you in your own research, and vice versa. The more scientists can share and collaborate, the more they can help to solve some of the most pressing problems facing society.

How do scientists get information?

Scientists get information from research, observations, experiments, and other scientists.

How do scientist communicate their conclusions to other scientist?

Scientists publish papers in scientific journals or they email other scientists.

Why is it important that scientists communicate the results of their experimentations to other scientists?

It saves duplication of effort, and gives others the opportunity to build on the discoveries of other scientists.

What must the researching scientists provide accurate reports and steps for others to read and follow?

In theory, scientists describe how they obtained their results (a) so that other researchers can verify the validity of the research, and (b ) so that new research can be built on what has been done before.

How can scientists be sure there research is reliable?

repeating itasking other scientists to repeat itcritically discussing their results with other scientists

What 5 ways do scientists use to communicate with each other?