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Q: Why servers are also known as Back-end terminals?
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Models of distributed computer system?

•Minicomputer model (e.g., early networks) -Each user has local machine -Local processing but can fetch remote data (files, databases) •Workstation model (e.g., Sprite) -Processing can also migrate •Client-server Model (e.g., V system, world wide web) -User has local workstation -Powerful workstations serve as servers (file, print, DB servers) •Processor pool model (e.g., Amoeba, Plan 9) -Terminals are Xterms or diskless terminals -Pool of backend processors handle processing

What companies make a 1u rack server?

Several companies produce 1u rack servers. Companies like Dell and IBM are well known for their manufacturing of these servers. Also a little less known company Supermicro makes them.

What are the terminals at Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX airport?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has three passenger terminal buildings and Delta uses airlines uses Terminal 3.

What is Westek Technology most known for?

Westeck Technology is known for the rack mounted servers that they manufacture and supply to businesses. They also supply data storage systems to the military which is probably the best known part of their business.

What types of games use EA servers?

Games owned by the publisher "Electronic Arts" typically use EA servers. Some games that use EA servers include Sim City, Mass Effect and Battlefield 3. Electronic Arts also has it's own digital distribution service known as Origin. Origin games use EA servers.

What is the required ftp server software?

There are many different makers of FTP servers, also known as FTP daemons or FTPd for short. Some popular free, open-source FTP servers are FileZilla, Pure-FTPd, and ProFTPd.

The building supervisor is connected directly to the chiller and also to the?

air terminals

What s web servers?

web servers r servers open to any1 they can be used on m ultiple websites if they have that client web servers can also have private clients for only some people to use on sites

What services do Webspace servers provide?

Web hosting sites provide a variety of services. They include providing space on a web server to keep files of internet websites. They also provide the ability to access these files through the internet. They manage the servers and keep them in an appropriate environment to ensure that they are always available for access.

From which online stores can Hewlett Packard servers be purchased?

Hewlett Packard servers can be purchased directly from their own online store. These servers are also available at Serversplus and for pre-owned Elarasys has a good selection of servers to choose from.

What happens when you connect the car positive and negative battery terminals together Will this reset car computers?

If you connect the terminals together with them unhooked from the battery and the engine off, yes that is also called a capacitive discharge.If you connect the terminals together with them unhooked from the battery and the engine off, yes that is also called a capacitive discharge.

Where can one purchase used sun servers?

There are many places where one can purchase used sun servers. There are many used computer equipment sites on the web that offer these servers. One may also use eBay to purchase these servers.