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Q: Why should a leader be fair?
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Was Margaret Thatcher a fair leader?

Yes she was a very fair leader for England.

What was Khufu like as a leader?

khfu was a fair leader and tolerant

What greek leader created fair laws?

Solon is credited with creating "fair" laws.

Was Julius Caesar a kind leader or at least a fair leader?

he was both, but he was sometimes lost in power

Will Onestar exile Breezepelt?

No I doubt it. Because he is a fair leader.

What are the release dates for All's Fair - 1976 The Gang Leader 1-7?

All's Fair - 1976 The Gang Leader 1-7 was released on: USA: 8 November 1976

How a leader should act?

a leader should be a good listner, a leader should be a student a leader is a person who will respect others and their thoughts a leader should be ladder to success

What does the omen mean dog follows owner all the time?

Canines are pack orientated animals. They love and follow the leader of the pack. He pack leader should be fair and the dog must trust the leader. To gain the trust of a dog is a great privilage and should be taken with seriously. That means you feed your dog and groom and love and attention.

What is the best way to pursue a leadership position?

Exhibit the qualities of a fair and reasonable leader in your current position.

Why should you be fair to others?

so they can be fair to you

What was true about Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte?

He was known as a gentle and fair leader.

Which supermarket in the UK first sold fair trade products?

The Co Operative claim to be the leader in the introduction of fair trade products