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Q: Why should ammonia be removed quickly from the body?
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Which glucose part of the cell is not used in cellular respiration?

The byproducts of cellular respiration are water, ammonia and carbon dioxide. These are not used by the cell. Carbon dioxide is removed from the body through respiration. Ammonia and water are removed from the body through urine.

Why do people want to remove the stinger carefully and quickly from a persons body?

they want it removed quickly so it doesn't infect the body.

Is there ammonia in your body?

No there is not. Ammonia is a harmful gas for body.

Is there ammonia in your friend's body?

Yes there is ammonia in human body. Most of the ammonia in body is obtained during digestion in the intestine. The bacteria break down proteins in food to form ammonia. Liver converts ammonia into urea which you urinate out.

What happens when your body makes to much ammonia?

They should be excreted. They are converted to urea and excreated

What are the ways on how you removed fast the marijuana in the body?

There are no ways to remove marijuana from the human body quickly. The best way to keep it out of a body is not to partake in its consumption.

Is ammonia inside your body?

NO there is not. Ammonia is harmfull for body.

Does everybody have ammonia in their bodies even girls?

There is some small quantity of ammonia in everyone's body, yes. It's a natural product of the breakdown of certain compounds, such as amino acids (found in all proteins). In humans, ammonia is mostly quickly converted to the less toxic compound urea.

Does Ammonia escape your body and go into the air?

no..ammonia reacts with carbon dioxide to form urea in our body

Why does body produce ammonia?

Body breaks down proteins and nucleic acids.Ammine groups are turned into Ammonia.

Does your body compensate for an increase in ammonia?

No. Prolonged exposer to ammonia can kill you.

Where ammonia can be found?

in you body