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It has been suggested that we should

p l a n t e u c a l y p t u s t r e e s a l l a l o n g

sewage ponds. These trees absorb all

s u r p l u s w a s t e w a t e r r a p i d l y a n d

release pure water vapour into the


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Q: Why should eucalyptus trees be grown along sewage ponds?
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Why eucalyptus is grown near sewage?


About eucalyptus tree?

medicinal plant eucalyptus is grown in australia.

What is the most main grown Australian plant?

The eucalyptus tree.

Can you grow eucalyptus trees in Tennessee?

I have seen a few homes in Kingston Springs, TN that have successfully grown them.

Australian Eucalyptus regnans?

A wide variety of eucalypt trees are grown in most sub tropical regions in Australia. (link)

Why can't Hawaii make fuel?

Hawaii can make fuel. This state produces sewage, and algae can be grown on sewage to produce liquid fuel. Other energy sources would include wind power and solar power.

Where is the eucalyptus tree grown?

Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia - both the mainland and its island state of Tasmania. They have been introduced to the continents of Europe, North and South America, Africa, and the countries of China and India. Eucalyptus trees have different species which live in almost all environments. There are varieties which live in arid areas, or above the snowline, or in wetlands, or just in ordinary bushland or forest.

Why is a angsana tree often grown along the sides of roads?

An angsana tree is often grown along the sides of roads because it provides shade for the drivers.

Where might you find hard wood in Australia?

Most hardwood in Australia comes from eucalyptus trees such as Ironbark, Blackbutt, Redgum, Spotted gum etc. there are numerous forests of these trees along the eastern and southern seaboards, as well as Tasmania.Jarrah is a hardwood grown only in the far southwest of Western Australia.

What are some similar things between Cyprus and Australia?

The most obvious things are the eucalyptus trees, which are widely grown on Cyprus.

Where are the food crops grown?

Most of Australia's food is grown along the eastern side of Australia near the coast.

Along with cotton a crop grown to be sold for money?