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when people ask questions they receive an answere ,people should ask questions because they reveal new answere's and information

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Q: Why should people ask questions?
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Some people state they attended Harvard. What questions should I ask to test their knowledge?

I should ask "what is harvard"?

Why do people ask questions?

There are many reasons why people ask questions. Well, to start, were only animals (i think) and we DONT know everything. We can go to school to get more knowledge buty we also get tourcherd. People ask questions because they dont know answers. Other people may know the answers to this question though. Like, for example, if u "knew everything" then why are u searching up this question? I already know the answer (its what im writing). so dont be afraid to ask questions! people should not ask questions they should just shut up and go with the flow I think that you no very well why people ask questions. I mean really why are you asking this question? ask urself that and youll no why. Why do people answer this question? why did you just ask that QUESTION?

Why do people ask lame questions?

people ask lame questions because their bored and have nothing to do. so they think of lame questions to bother people. i know because my class acts like that. also because people run out of questions to ask so they sometimes ask not so smart questions

What should you do on WikiAnswers?

You can help people by answering questions they've posted, you can ask questions of your own and you can chat/be social by exchanging messages on people's message boards.

How do people ask you questions on Tumblr if i use nighnight theme?

People can ask you questions by going to 'your tumblr url'/ask. For example, ''. If that page is blank you will need to go into your blog settings and choose 'allow followers to ask questions'. This will allow people to ask you questions on your tumblr blog.

How do you get more questions on formspring?

Ask people to ask you more questions, or find one of those formspring people who do spam (ask many questions at once).

Can people be eaten?

If the questions they ask are stupid enough, then yes. Society should allow it.

Why ask questions?

You should ask questions because questions usually lead to answers. Questions provide information and knowledge. Questions also create social relationships: "How are you?", "What did you do last night?", "What did you think of that movie?". Asking people questions about themselves shows interest. We ask questions to find the answer to them because we didn't already know the answer

What questions should you ask about the heart history? should ask questions such as : when was the heart discovered ? ,who discovered the heart ?, when did people hear about disease's, who was the person to find out about heart disease's had the first heart disease ?,who had the first heart attack ?

What type of questions should an internship interviewee ask the interviewer?

Well if you don't have any questions you should not feel you have to ask a question. It will not count against you. Generally you should ask questions that show your interest in the job, company and training.

What kinds of questions should you ask when you evaluate a scientific investgation?

what kinds of questions should you ask when you evaluate a scientific investigation ?

Why should you ask questions during a presentation?

You SHOULD NOT ask questions during a presentation unless invited to do so by the presenter.

What are good questions to ask people?

It depends on the topic if you have just met then the first questions should be: What is your name?,How old are you?,What is your current relationship?,Do you like your Job/School?,What do you do mostly everyday? They are a few good question to ask people

What questions do you ask in a politician interview?

When doing an interview with a politician, you should ask questions about their views. Ask questions to learn where they stand on important issues.

Why won't it let me submit some questions? has rules about the types of questions that should not be on the website. However, the majority of questions most people ask fall within the guidelines.

What should you do when your suspicious of your boyfriend cheating?

you ask around and see if people know of anything of the certain person and who's he dating. if the people don't know then ask the guy questions

If you are the 19th most active user in the questions department then how many more should you ask to my the first?

That depends on how many questions the people ahead of you have asked.

What should ten questions to be ask to unemployed person?

questions you would ask an unemployed person

Why does everybody ask questions here?

People ask questions because this is a Question and Answer Site.

Why do we ask you questions?

Most people ask questions so someone will provide them with the answer to their question.

Who taught people to ask questions?

I don't know that people needed to be taught to ask questions. I think it comes to them naturally.

Which of the following questions should you ask yourself when you're checking the paragraph development in your essay?

All of the above are questions you should ask yourself.

What are some questions you should ask aboriginal people?

General personal questions should be okay, such as 'Where do you sleep at night, How many in your family, Do you get along well with your family members, Do you have any pets", etc...

Why do people ask question?

People ask questions to find information.

What 10 questions should you ask a new girl friend?

There are no specific questions that you should ask her. Just talk with her and let a conversation develop as it goes.